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-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------             Backyard Birding  Welcome to Backyard Birding, a series (15 bird species) of photos taken (SB VT) from Dec 25, 2015 through Feb., 2015 through our kitchen double pane window. 
I can fly all day without leaving our kitchen window, thanks to visiting birds. ~Bernie 
 Blue JayBackyard birding series, Issue #1.
Black-capped ChicadeesBackyard birding series Issue #2.

Nuthatch. Backyard birding series, Issue #3.
TitmouseBackyard birding series, Issue #4.
American Tree SparrowBackyard birding series, Issue #5.
White-throated SparrowBackyard birding series, Issue #6.
American Goldfinch Backyard birding series, Issue #7.
Dark-eyed Junco Backyard birding series, Issue #8.
Snow-birdsBackyard birding series, Issue #9.
CardinalBackyard birding series, Issue #10.
Downy & Hairy WoodpeckerBackyard Birding Issue Issue #11.
Carolina WrenBackyard Birding Issue Issue #12.
House Finch Backyard Birding Issue Issue #13.
Mourning Dove Backyard Birding Issue Issue #14.
Red-bellied WoodpeckerBackyard Birding Issue Issue #15.
Pileated WoodpeckerBackyard Birding Issue #16
White-crowned Sparrow.  Backyard Birding Issue #17.
Yellow-Billed Cuckoo  Photo near bottom of posting. May 2012 in my backyard. Backyard Birding Issue #17.
Hummingbirds Dressed in Pink
Beautiful Nature - Litter Free
South Burlington Backyard Birds - July
Mystery Baby Bird
Birds on a stick

Chicadee and Nuthatch nesting. 

White-crowned Sparrow

Listing of backyard bird postings. (USE AS A TAB)

Birds & Art synonymous in North Carolina

“…the forest's vast palace with its snow-broidered tree-pillars and its chandeliers and its little musicians, the very first–most spring birds come back from the winter bird-place, flitting from here to there above me and singing fiercely in their spots of sun.” Tender Morsels, a novel by Margo Lanagan (p126,127)

What I learned from birds
Woodside park Birding

BTV Waterfront Diving Center: In Search of Champ (The Lake Champlain Sea Monster)


Nature Parks/Natural Areas in South Burlington, Vermont (Photos) (And other nearby cites/towns)
It's not necessary to go far and wide. I mean, you can really find exciting and inspiring things within your hometown. 
Wheeler Nature Park (Feb.) 
Maple Sugaring at Wheeler Nature Park (March)
Underwood Natural Area (Oct - Foliage, Scenic, Northern Harrier)
Underwood Natural Area (Turkeys, foliage, scenic, flowers, milkweed seed pods)
Underwood Park  (Feb.)
SB Community Gardens-Canna South Pacific Flower (Sept)
SB Community Gardens-Sunflowers (Sept)

Awasiwi Trail -along Potash Brook in Feb.
Centennial Brook (snowshoe walk-behind Kirby Rd)
Dumont Park (October Tour) 
Muddy Brook Natural Area Located on Poor Farm Road, behind the BTV Airport. (March)

Snowshoeing Centennial Brook 2013, along Kirby Road
SB Veterans Memorial Park: November RED foliage
South Burlington VT Community Labyrinth (fall foliage

Note to self: POSTING WITH NATURE AREAS LINKS (Set on a Tab)

Seek nature to find yourself.  ~ Bernie Paquette

SBFiN (South Burlington Families in Nature Program - Walks)

SBFiN Program details (Established Mar 2016 by Bernie Paquette)
Wheeler Natural Area, 1st SBFiN walk (3/12)
Underwood Park, Easter Sunday (SBFiN #2 and #3)Mar/Apr
Awasiwi Trail SbFiN #4 (April 9)
Awasiwi Walk SBFiN #5 (April 17)
Red Rocks SBFiN #6, and #7 (April 30 and May 14)


UVM Friday Field Walks

UVM Student (Field Naturalist and Ecological Planning Program) - bios

Uvm's Carse property Friday Field Walk photos

LaPlatte River Marsh Area Friday Field Walk Photos

Unraveling the myths and mysteries of bees. 

Woodside with Bryan Pfeiffer and Sean Beckett

Spring Ephemerals - Niquette Bay State Park  4/29

Spring's Tears - VT spring poem


      South Burlington, VT Backyard Flower Photos
Stop, Look, and Listen.
The more you appreciate in life, the happier you will be.  ~Bernie Paquette
-South Burlington,Vermont Backyard Flowers Series

We protect what we fall in love with. Beauty opens our hearts and makes us realize we are part of nature and we're not separate from it.  Sentiment from Louie Schwartzberg 

Yellow-banded Bumblebee
Somewhat of a rare moth - Grapevine Epimenis as seen in our backyard - May 2016 July(2015) spring flowers
August (2015)
Monarch Butterflys Dressed in Pink South Burlington,  June 
May (2015) spring flowers
Spring is late but... (poem)
September 2012 
Green Up Day II (Nature's Green up effort)

Pollinators:Edible Landscape for people and pollinators. Resource listing for pollinators, Gardening & Soil Remediation, Mason bees, and Natural World Dictionary and Encyclopedia-online.



Vermont Fall Foliage Photos 

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better. ~Albert Einstein 

Vermont Leaf Peeping & Leaf Litter. Be-leave it or not. (Unusual leaf within a leaf)
Foliage Season Train. 

* See Natural Parks section and Community Postings section for more foliage and scenic photos postings.

Snow Season photos and commentary.
Winter without snow is like ice without cream.  ~Bernie Paquette

December snowstorm 2014
Snowstorm buries VT (March 2011)
Thanksgiving backyard 2014

The First of the Season
March Awakens us
Snowstorm buries VT
 VT files for spring IPO (First day of spring)


Growing Young Gardeners - Photo Series:

Photos of their (young people in grades 4-9 growing food to benefit the food shelf) weekly learning and growing experiences at Wheeler community gardens on Dorset St in South Burlington, VT.


    Machia Wilderness Camp 2015 - Photos

         The goal of the Machia Wilderness Camp is to introduce youth to the outdoor experience; To learn the life skills needed to survive in nature and learn to be productive keepers of  the earth. Campers are challenged to carry their learned skills into everyday life, and teach others what they have learned. Learn-Apprenctice-Teach.
         The Machia Wilderness Camp is open to youths age 11-18. All programs involve interactive classroom activities combined with hands on outdoor learning. At the conclusion of the camp, participants can, upon passing the test, receive required certifications needed to obtain VT hunting licenses. Included are the VT. state hunter safety certification, archery certification, and a Lets go fishing certificate.   

                                        Community, a social concept worth visiting. 
                                                                                         ~Bernie Paquette

    South Burlington, VT  neighborhood photo series.

    What is a community neighborhood? Essay by Bernie Paquette

    Adopt A Block  (USE AS A TAB) *citizens of South Burlington that have pledged to Adopt-a-block, and who pick up litter year round in each their chosen street, park, or other public area within our South Burlington community.



     Litter Cleanup commentary and photos

    Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.
     Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.  ~Margaret Mead.

    South Burlington Green Up Day collections:
    2016: 1.7 tons of bagged trash, ? tires, 480 lbs. wood, 2940 lbs. metal.
    2015: 2.3 tons of bagged trash & 137 tires.
    2014: 1.96 tons bagged trash & 1.41 tons/tires&0.6 tons of metal
    2013: 2.53 tons bagged trash & 62 tires & 2.28 tons metal

    2012: 3.32 tons bagged trash, 2,335 tires, 1 cu yd metal

    Green and Clean Editorials  Monthly Column in The Other Paper 2009-2016
    WhenI pick up litter I feel _______. (Read responses from over 100 people.) 
    Orchard School 5th grade - Green Up Day Posters 2016
    Green Up Day 2016 Photos
    Funny and Trashy Litter quotes (from my tweetable MSWord collection)
      Partnership for Green, Clean; Beautiful S.B. March 2016_ Williston road business district litter
     Part II: SB City Center. Will it be Green and Clean?
    A VT How to Behavior Guide You Need to Know
    Clean City: Ours to Lose or Keep.
    City Beauty Matters
    Bigfoot in SB
    Clean Branding Editorial
    Our City's Image of today, builds the brand of tomorrow. 
    Why is this Blue Heron Crying?
    Adopt-A-Block South Burlington residents who Adopted a block to keep clean of litter. 
    SB Clean City Litter Ordinance Proposal Write to your South Burlington City Council members asking them to adopt this Clean City Ordinance to help make SB the signature image of a clean city .

    VT Fall Community Harvest (GYG club harvest & Chittenden clinic/Howard Cetner Fall clean up)

     Earth, the only planet we know with life and litter. Cleaning it up is easier than moving. 
    ~ Bernie Paquette

      A bit of humor photos and commentary
     Comedy is simply a funny way of being serious.  ~Peter Ustinov

    Introducing "The Vermont Litter Times" (Headlines parody)


    CLEAN CITY: Litter Essays- clean city, litter pick up...

     Who is responsible for this mess? (Jan 19 National Popcorn Day)
     Local government and businesses
     Selling the clean Brand (door to door to businesses)

    Litter Picking is an All Season Sport

     Pick up Vermont 365.  

    Pick up Vermont:


    Favorite You Tube Litter Videos

    Custom trash cans for sale info 
    (only fyi, I do not endorse or have any affliation with these companies)


     Personal stories and folklore

     If you want to learn about a culture, listen to the stories. If you want to change the culture, change the stories.  ~Michael Margolis

    My Vermont LifeA Walk (essay)
    Submerged  (follow the toy horse as it travels starting from a Vermont city eventually reaching the Ocean.)
     At the drop of a spoon (Folktale re:Alzheimer’s )
     Walking Home with Dad (1929-2009)
     Nothing to Waste (VT. folktale)
     Sharing Summer Vacation (1 act play)


    A November Blessing

    Btv Airport seeks to co-exist with South Burlington

    Halloween Menu


    Sharing Summer Vacation (One Act Play)
    Groundhog Day

    General Topic Essays and Commentaries 

    by Bernie Paquette
    Insulation: Are you trading your health for warmth?

    100,000+ Views of this blog. (June 2015) Caring, Contribution, and Community-popular!