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Birds in South Burlington, Vermont: Backyard Bird Photos

Birding in Vermont - Photos

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Chicadee and Nuthatch nesting. 

Bohemian Waxing Portraits

85 Feasting Waxwings

Red-bellied Woodpecker

Many of these bird photos were taken in our backyard in South Burlington, Vermont including the Vermont State Bird, the Hermit Thrush.

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Misc. Birding photos
South Hero Marsh: Osprey

What I learned from birds

Woodside park Birding

Bohemian Waxwing INVASION ("Small Guest" - true story- published in Watching Backyard Birds-newsletter vol 16 no. 4 , Aug 2013)

 Snapping Turtle

BIRD PHOTOS FROM North Carolina and California

Bird Fever: Black-chinned Hummingbird spotted on California trip

California bird photos  (75 species)

“…the forest's vast palace with its snow-broidered tree-pillars and its chandeliers and its little musicians, the very first–most spring birds come back from the winter bird-place, flitting from here to there above me and singing fiercely in their spots of sun.” Tender Morsels, a novel by Margo Lanagan (p126,127)


Backyard Birding-South Burlington 

(Some repeats of above here in issue sequence)

I can fly all day without leaving our kitchen window, thanks to visiting birds. ~Bernie Paquette

From My Kind of Birding, an article by Aasheesh Pittie in the Nov-Dec 2013 issue of BirdWatcher’s Digest

Bird watching is, in essence, the fine art of becoming invisible – of merging into the surroundings in such a manner that the breath that nature has held upon your entry into her parlor is joyfully exhaled, and normal respiration restored; in such a way that the frozen statues of animate wildlife, interrupted by your brashness, are coaxed into resuming their activities; in such a way that your aural and visual senses are drenched with the buoyancy of life; in such a way that you get outside yourself and become a part of the pageant around you.

This requires a patience that slows your pace to the elemental cycles of life in a world run entirely without human help. It requires the marshalling and re-aligning of vision and a new focus of hearing, so that you absorb every single sound and identify its source and gradually its nuances and cadences. It demands stillness.

What are the rewards of this exercise? I can think of at least two that will last a lifetime. One, you will have begun to notice things about your surroundings that you never knew existed, bringing you immediate, immeasurable joy. Two, you will have wound down your restless inner dynamo to such an extent that you can discover a quietude, a stillness within you, a fount for a fresh view of your surroundings, a new approach to life, based on re-energised sensitivities.

Welcome to Backyard Birding South Burlington, Vermont - a series (15 bird species) of photos taken from Dec 25, 2015 through Feb., 2015 from inside and through our kitchen double pane window.

Blue JayBackyard birding series, Issue #1.
Black-capped ChicadeesBackyard birding series Issue #2.
Nuthatch. Backyard birding series, Issue #3.
TitmouseBackyard birding series, Issue #4.
American Tree SparrowBackyard birding series, Issue #5.
White-throated SparrowBackyard birding series, Issue #6.
American Goldfinch Backyard birding series, Issue #7.
Dark-eyed Junco Backyard birding series, Issue #8.
Snow-birdsBackyard birding series, Issue #9.
CardinalBackyard birding series, Issue #10.
Downy & Hairy WoodpeckerBackyard Birding Issue Issue #11.
Carolina WrenBackyard Birding Issue Issue #12.
House Finch Backyard Birding Issue Issue #13.