Sunday, February 26, 2012

Treasure Trash

Anonymous Secret Litterbug dropping green hard cash. Repentance?
Litter pickin' pays surprise dividend.  An unusual item found lying on the ground amongst the trash.

S.B. resident Rosanne Greco walks and picks up litter in her neighborhood weekly. Her litter pickings paid off this week in more ways than one. One of Rosanne's litter findings shown below was green if not clean.

      Why not carry an empty bag with you when you walk and help clean up yOUR neighborhood.

                                    BagOButts - destined for our waterways if not picked up.
                                       Rosanne commented "We don't trash what we treasure".

                                                                           All three photos by Rosanne Greco

              Today's jumponit Green and Clean Deal

                           Anonymous Secret Litterbug dropping green hard cash. Repentance?

                        Who knows what might be under the next piece of litter you pick up!



Pick up littered trash while you walk;
help keep your community Green and Clean.

SHARE YOUR CLEAN UP STORY/PHOTOS to  litterwithastorytotell(at)yahoo(dot)com

1 comment:

  1. me too, the best ever litter I've found is money!

    All those cigarette butts together look particularly gross.

    I pick litter along a local river once a week and try to pick at least small amounts whenever I'm out in urban green spaces or the countryside