Monday, November 4, 2013

Clean City: What’s so great about litter picking 365?

Litter picking espouses values of Green and Clean and Community; helping to maintain a litter-free environment-one small step in saving the earth. But what is so great about the action of picking up littered trash?

Focus is on Community:

§  Socializing as you clean up with others in Y/our town, city, or village.

§  Provides a civics lesson and a positive example to children and others.

§  Do-Bee it’s the Vermont way. Read the Do-Bee way @

§  Relationships created and nurtured through invitation and participation.

§  Coalitions/Alliances: Connecting businesses, non-profits, and community groups creates synergy where 1+1=3.

§  Small local projects are great catalyst for change in behavior and action while building trust and cohesion in the community.

Vision and Values

·        Demonstrates Green and Clean and citizenship values.

·        Inclusion. Open to all individuals as well as group activism and self-determination.

·        Giving back to, taking responsibility for, taking pride in, your hometown.

All Season Sport

·         Read the litter picking All Season Sport point system @

·          A chance to publish your litter pick photos on Litterati @  via
     (Litter, just picked up, is beautiful.)

Personal and immediate as well as long-term satisfaction.

·        Problem solving that is easy to do, requiring little to no special tools or technology.

·        Stirs up hope, lifts up a neighborhood, and creates a feeling of empowerment through positive action by the residents themselves. Re-affirms hope and faith that change is possible.

Clean up coupon @  .  Print and redeem at any store.

·        Globally important, with global impact; affected and implemented at a local level.

·        Save Earth close to home. JONATHAN PORRITT, ONE OF ENGLAND’S LEADING GREEN ACTIVISTS, declares “Most people think the environment is everything that happens outside our lives. Yet this is a huge philosophical error creating a false divide between us and the physical world. We need to.. acknowledge that the environment is rooted in our sense of place: our homes, our streets, our neighborhoods, our communities…

·        Earth, the only planet with people and litter; easier to clean it up than move.

Schedule free:
Any time, any day, any place-litter picking avails itself to your calendar.

Join planetary pickers caring for the Earth, 365.  Read about a few planetary pickers and litter-gitters, and trash paddlers, @

§  Opportunity to find treasures from coins, to tools, to the unimaginable.

§  Some found items even lend themselves to creative storytelling.

§  Jump-on-it deal @

Detective work is a fun challenge

Walking, stretching, bending, and incentive to get outside in all seasons.

Differentiate your members:
·        Be the first business on your block to maintain a litter free storefront every day.

·        Be the first neighborhood to organize a meet up and cleanup throughout the year.

Add to the Field Guide
Chance to add your own entry to the Litter Field Guide book.  Preview @

·        See and think things that were previously unexposed.

·        Relaxing, and calming. Makes you feel _____ (fill in the blank). Others responded it makes them feel: great, awesome, hopeful, happy, empowered, relief, they made a difference, exuberant, like a superhero, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, peaceful and grounded. 

·        Read how other global litter pickers feel when they pick up trash – 365 @

 Litter Picking is an All Season Sport.


·         Building a good life in community.

·         How a community initiative creates networks to improve well-being.

·         Sustaining community-based initiatives.

·         16 ways to make your neighborhood safer, greener and more fun.

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