Monday, March 14, 2016

Funny and Trashy Litter Quotes at Heart of Clean City

Clean Quotes (more or less)

Definitions of cleanliness can vary across the world. Some measures of a city's cleanliness include hygiene-based factors: the availability and drink-ability of water, waste removal, and the quality of sewage systems. 

Perhaps the most visible indicator of city cleanliness or lack thereof, is litter.

Picking up litter can be fun and rewarding. I hope these litter quotes set the mood for your role in maintaining your clean neighborhood, your clean city. 

Green Up Day - 

Pick up Trash, Share a Smile.

In Her Words:
“Pick up your CITY.”
“Your Mom”

            Discarded     (on the ground)    butts are      bad-ass.

Contribution Make For             Happy Faces

One way to care for our community

Pick up Litter.
It will lift you up.

Give your city
 a lift.
Pick Up Litter.

True Vermonters don’t throw down litter,                   we pick it up.

I felt lousy when I picked up one piece of litter. So I picked up 10.

What you pick up off the ground won’t end up in the water. 
      #CleanCity  =  #CleanWater 

True Vermonters don’t throw down litter, we pick it up.
  Vermont - Green and Clean

Winners properly discard unwanted lottery tickets. 

Green Up Day -
Jericho, Vermont A Family Tradition

You have Jericho  VT in Your Hands. Keep Her Green & Clean.

Cleanliness is next to godliness; where is your Town/City?

Sustainable clean city.
Bin it
Win it.

Storefronts are like castles. Litter is the moat.
We are not attacking; litter free is barrier free.


Short Video: All One Ocean - Change the World with (fourth grader) Sawyer

I am
Green & Clean Vermont.                                    

Bernie publishes photos reflecting Vermont values of Green and Clean and Community. He urges us all to, pick up litter and maintain a litter free environment through caring, community, and contribution in order to protect our water, wildlife, and human health.

Use social to make litter picking fun, with #Litterati

I sell litter.
Buy two pieces and get 
clean city.
(Trash bin not included.) Pick it up within the next fifteen minutes and I'll even make it litter-free  

Start with litter – it’s lighter.