Thursday, April 21, 2016

Orchard School SB Posters Green Up Day

South Burlington's Orchard School Fifth Grade Green Up Day Posters.

Ms. Garland’s 5th grade class from Orchard School created these posters during their art times with Mrs. Ely.

When introducing the project we talked about what Green up day was. We looked at examples of Green Up Day posters that were done by others. We discussed the importance of making your message clear. We also brainstormed ideas of what kinds of images do you think about when you think of Vermont. They began with pencil and then added color with markers and crayons and colored pencils. ~Susie Ely, Orchard School Teacher

Green Up Day, observed on the first Saturday of May, is a statewide effort in the US state of Vermont to clean up roadside trash. The first Green Up Day was April 18, 1970 and was started by Governor Deane C. Davis. In 1979, Green Up became a non-profit organization. ~Wikipedia

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