Friday, June 24, 2016

Modern Quilt Interpretations by June Shen-Epstein

Modern Quilt Interpretations by June-Epstein, South Burlington, Vermont artist. Event held on June 24-26 at Nido Fabric and Yarn, Burlington, VT. Opening reception was held on June 24, 5-7 pm. 

June Shen-Epstein

Dimensions 35"x 35"


                                                      Dimensions 28" x 29"

June Shen-Epstein, a SB resident, is a sewing educator. She creates Modern Quilt Interpretations. View her work June 24-26 at Nido Fabric and Yarn in Burlington. June's website:

      A look around Nido's

   Proprietors and hosts for the evening Fiona and Eric