Hello, Bonjour, Halla, Hallo, Konnichiwa, Dia-duit, привет,        
Welcome to Litter with a Story to Tell, commentary and photos of South Burlington and Burlington, reflecting Vermont values of Green, Clean, and Community.  Litter With a Story to Tell postings range from local folklore to personal experiences - stories that capture both heart & mind. Photos of flowers, fall foliage, and birds exemplify a shared earth worth keeping clean / litter-free. Together we share one light, one sky, one moon, and one home. One Earth.

I publish stories and photos about caring, community, and contribution, inspiring people to maintain a litter free environment. Why? Because stories make us care*.
Don't just change what people think, change what people feel, than change what they do.     ~Bernadette Jiwa   

About Me

Laugh, Dream, Try, and Do-Good

My soul age is closest to that of a twelve year old who likes to stop, look, and listen to nature in the backyard as well as public natural areas, bike paths, and woodlands. I enjoy writing, growing plants and trees, building fertile soil, reading, quiet water paddling, bicycling, bird watching, litter picking, hiking, snowshoeing, and Vermont's maple syrup, honey, McIntosh apples and an occasional Long Trail Ale.

View more photos of my Vermont life @ https://litterwithastorytotell.blogspot.com/2016/04/my-vermont-life-bernie-paquette.html