Saturday, May 7, 2016

Green Up Day South Burlington VT - 2016 Photos

Caring + Contribution = Community!

Green Up Day South Burlington VT - 2016 Photos

Green Up Day in South Burlington - as in all of Vermont - is a family tradition.

Crow's Skull

   See photos of the GE Green Up Team further below.

Thank You all for participating in SB  Friends & Family Green Up Day and for enacting our Clean City slogan " You have South Burlington in your hands. Keep her Green and Clean-pick up litter.

When you pick up litter how do YOU FEEL? See how others responded to the prompt, When I pick up litter I feel... (click on the link)
(Latest to respond were two young girls at SB Green Up Day - Giovanna and Madison. )

Thank You Sponsors of Green Up Vermont!

Images from the GE TEAM

Read about Green Up Day history in The Other Paper 5/5/2016 edition.