Thursday, March 5, 2015

South Burlington birds: Red-bellied Woodpecker photos

Welcome to the SB Vermont Backyard Birding, Issue # 15, Red-bellied Woodpecker.

Red-bellied Woodpecker photos, South Burlington, VT

The Red-bellied Woodpecker in our South Burlington, Vermont backyard have a tan belly and the side of their head is tan. The nape , top of the head to the forehead and neck are orange-red (to my eye). Their wings, tail, and back are black with what I call white checkering or barring.

The female is orange-red on the nape only, not on the top of the head  or forehead.

 I can fly all day without leaving our kitchen window, thanks to visiting birds. ~Bernie

Happy Birding

Photos taken with Cannon PS S3 IS

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