Monday, February 2, 2015

South Burlington birds: House Finch photos

House Finch photos, South Burlington, Vt

Welcome to the SB Vermont Backyard Birding, Issue # 13, House Finch.

 The House Finch male in our South Burlington, Vermont backyard has red on its head and upper breast and brown streaking on the lower breast and flanks. The female is all brown-streaked with white undertail coverts. Welcome to the series, SB Vermont Backyard Birding, Issue #13, Finches.

When is a house bird not in the house? When it is a House Finch. Enjoy photos of this lovely bird who is always blushing-especially now with valentine's day rapidly approaching. However don't mix the House Finch with the Purple Finch (I  do often); they will both get red in the face.

Disclaimer: In fact I may well have mis identified some of these, some may well be Purple Finches.
Read more about telling the two apart @

                                                                           Shells away

                                                      Gathering at the Tree Top Inn

                                                                                  PEEK - A Boo

                                                                        Hey, that is my perch.

                                                                                Never mind him, look at me.

                                                                                      Hummingbird wannabe. 

                                                                          The Lone Sentry

                                                                                              Up, up and away

                                                                             Counting snowflakes.

                                                             No we are not Pine Siskins - I don't think.

Happy Birding

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Photos taken with Cannon PS S3 IS

Bernie publishes essays and photos reflecting Vermont values of Green and Clean and Community. He urges us all to pick up litter and maintain a litter free environment through caring, community, and contribution in order to protect our water, wildlife, and human health. 
Bernie resides in SB, Vermont

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