Monday, March 7, 2011

Vermont Weather:Snowstorm buries Vermont-March 2011

Vermont Weather

March (6-7) 2011

     March 2011 Vermont Snowstorm buried cars, houses, (nearly) our dogs and just about everything!

• Shoveling for hours...hit something hard...might be the car roof..or maybe only the house roof.

Photo by BLPaquette
• Last snowstorm I shoveled three feet off the roof and threw it down to the ground. This snowstorm I may have to shovel the roof and throw the snow UP to the snow banks.

• Still snowing.... snowshoes needed an extension.... attached a stepladder to the bottom of the only sinking in up to my neck now...but it is sloooow walking. Send straws ... if it keeps snowing Im going to need them

• Still snowing.... send yardsticks...running out.....can’t reach ground......

• First the hardware stores run out of roof rakes, now they are running out of yardsticks.

• Holy snow blizzard are you getting this? Hey man its the National Guard. How'd they get here so quick?

• Your house is the third snow mountain on the right. Lift tickets are $1.

• Sorry my mistake. Your house is the third mountain on the left. The one on the right is the tree top ridgeline. By the way the birds here are baffled-where did the trees go?

Great day to see how beautiful Vermont is. Help keep Vermont Green (sometimes white) and Clean year round. Pick up any littered trash you come across.

Love where you live,
pick up litter,
help keep your community
Green (and White) and Clean.

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