Thursday, June 30, 2016

Vermont Butterfly Photos - Great Spangled (Cybelle) & Aphrodite Fritillary

Aphrodite Fritillary 
(Speyeria aphrodite)

                The Spool of Love
Let go of me, let go of me, she cried.
And so
he did.

And the string ran free
from the spool
having reached its end.

And the kite sailed away
full of joy
and sadness.

For what you cannot hold
you must relinquish
and what you have to give
calls to be given.

(Personal note: Poem was especially apropos on 7/9/2016)

Great Spangled Fritillary (Butterfly)
(Speyeria Cybele)
Solitary Cybele butterfly photos taken 6/30/2016 in South Burlington, Vermont. Images of a pair of Aphrodite Fritillary butterflies was taken on 7/3/2016 in Stowe, VT.

Photos ( Aphrodite Fritillary-(Speyeria aphrodite)) below taken on 7/3/2016 at Brewster Ridge Disc Golf, Stowe, VT.