Friday, March 11, 2011

Vermont Files for Spring IPO- First Day of Spring

Vermont is hoping to warm the hearts and bodies of winter weary residents on the first day of spring.
     The Green Mountains State known for its skiing, snowboarding and long winters as well as maple syrup, filed a prospectus for an initial public offering on the first day of spring, becoming the first state in the Northeast to seek a public listing for an outdoor spring to match the calendar first day of spring.                                                                                                     
     Driven by a growing restlessness, and yearning for spring and all things green including a green budget VS a budget in the red, the state is seeking to go public with an early spring to raise spirits and have bragging rights over New York and Boston. Boston, stole much of the wintry headlines this season with snow, snow and more snow. Vermont aims to retain its cold hearty resident’s status while capturing a flower loving following in early April.
      The climate is ripe. Those suspicious of global warming predictions might re-think their views upon seeing yellow daffodils blooming on lawns from Southern to Central to Northern Vermont on April 1.         
      Now the handling of the IPO is a delicate process requiring the utmost care. Introducing spring too abruptly will have a devastating impact on maple sugaring, as the sap flow will end too quickly. A sudden spring without the usual March thawing and freezing and sixty degree temperatures followed by two feet of wet snow could be shocking. Imagine going from picturesque white snow covered streets and sidewalks to clear roads and pathways in less than two months.
      Ok that might not be so bad, except that without some time for transition, the “yuck” factor might have us wanting the snow back. Abruptly we will see the accumulated litter- previously covered by snow. With Green Up Day months away- What would Vermonters do?
     The filing does show increasing numbers of residents concerned with keeping Vermont clean year round. Along with continuing strong participation in Green Up Day on the first Saturday in May, Vermonters are taking up the call to “Pick up a piece every day”. While walking, paddling, even bicycle riding - more people are carrying a small grocery bag to capture found trash along the streets, sidewalks and waterways in their communities.
     The Vermont prospectus shows a fast growing pride in what people feel about their clean and green towns, cities, and state.  This is not New York or Boston. Vermonters do not need headlines to decry a few feet of snow, nor days on end of below zero temperatures. Yet who would mind waking up with “The Burlington Free Press” and reading headlines stating:  “Spring has Sprung Early- “The IPO was a Success!”? Who would mind? Time for Vermont to capture bragging rights in the headlines again.

     At the same time, why not captivate our audience with activism that drives headlines declaring, “Vermonters Eradicate Litter Year-Round”, “Vermont Investors Rally for a Clean Venture”.  Now that is an IPO worth investing in. 

Photo Credit:  BLPaquette 

(*An IPO is the first sale of shares in a company to the public. Once an IPO occurs, a company will be listed on a major stock exchange, and shares will begin to trade immediately.)

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