Thursday, August 2, 2012

Vermont backyard flowers, and critters in July. South Burlington, Vermont

Our backyard transition continues as mid summer flowers begin to bloom and early summer flowers fade away. Fourth of July fireworks and jet flyovers give way to nature's red, white and blues.

Man made camouflage at BTV airport.

Nature's camouflage in our backyard

                   What can be sweeter than flowers and bunny rabbits on a summer morning!

                                                                          Newly born baby rabbits.

                                                             Summer Snowflakes

                                                                                    One in a million

      In July in Vermont,

      Chicory is more common than a blue moon.

                                                            Sun shines through fences

                                                                                                              creating freckles on tomatoes.

Snowberry Clearwing Hummingbird Moths
look like bumblebees on steroids.

Stop not only to look,
but listen as well,
for in July in Vermont,

                                                                       Petrified birds are seldom heard.

                     And apple trees talk                                                                                   if you listen.


      So come to Vermont,

                                                                                                                                       and sit a spell.

Try some fresh local organic heirloom produce,

     Pair up with someone you love
        and discover the many colors of Vermont summer flowers that draw pollinators for miles.

                                                       Come to Vermont and bring your friends,
                                                                           than Stop, Look, and Listen
                                                                               to Vermont flowers and critters,
                                                                                       and know why we volunteer to
                                                                                           keep the State Green and Clean.

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