Friday, January 6, 2012

Litter picking is an All Season Sport - Let us celebrate 2012 with actions. South Burlington, Vermont

Were you successful in 2011? Bushels of tomatoes, a return on your job or financial investments, increased business profits. For 2012, I wish you a wealth of family, friends, and good health.

Success was often measured by how much we are able to extract. 

The new mantra is “Beneficial”!

In 2012, will you compost to build new rich soil, plant a tree, lend someone a helping hand or mentorship or heartfelt praise? Will you place sustainability in the forefront of your production and consumption decisions? Will you pick up littered trash while you walk, hike, or paddle?

In this New Year, what will you do to “enrich our planet and your fellow human beings”?

Let us celebrate 2012 with actions that benefit the world we live in.

Happy Green and Clean New Year

Heaven is under feet as well as over our heads.”