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Clean City: 100 + ways you might feel good about picking up litter.

Read the quotes from over 100 people: 

how they felt when they          picked up litter.    

When I pick up 
litter  I feel ....

Proud. Happy. Excited. 
Madison Cota 
2016 SB Green Up Day participant.

Proud and Happy.
Giovanna Gedney 
2016 SB Green Up Day participant. 

Really good that I'm helping the environment!
Hawthorne Hughes 
2016 SB Green Up Day participant

Virtuous! There's great satisfaction in tidying up and making the community looked loved and cared for. 
Sarah Dopp
founder and president of South Burlington Land Trust (SBLT)

Robin Roberts
A beautiful day and always a good season to leave the world cleaner than you found it too.

Embedded image permalinkRobin Roberts


Fast track says "When I pick up litter I feel...
like #VT is on the right track."
Embedded image permalink
Phil Scott, Lt. Governor of VT, racecar driver & owner of a construction company. Follow me for news from the State House, Thunder Road & around VT!
Vermont ·
Phil Scott

Shout out to all Vermonters. True Vermonters don't drop litter, they pick it up. Let me know how you feel when you pick up litter. Tweet me at VTLitterStories

When I pick up litter I feel ....

connected to all the like-minded people worldwide who go through all the effort of mobilizing people to join clean-ups, who go out in good or bad weather to clean their street, their park or the beach, who try to move heaven and earth to educate people not to litter.

 When I pick up litter, I feel never alone, even if I clean all by myself. 
EEF Flo, Peaceful Protest Against Litter (Facebook page)

 "I felt lousy when I picked up one piece of litter.  

So I picked up 10."


Truth-supporting mom of a great kid who really loves whales - Save them - buy local.

Turn marine plastic into diesel.
Make diesel from cleaning up the ocean not polluting it

Auf Deutsch: Der Dreck muss weg! Ich hebe täglich mindestens zehn Abfall-Teile auf und werfe sie in den nächsten öffentlichen Mülleimer. Wenn wir immer darauf warten, dass andere etwas tun, bewegt sich gar nichts. Jeden Tag eine gute Tat für unsere Umwelt!   ~Michael Krämer

In English: The dirt has to go! I lift every day for at least ten waste parts and throw it in the next public trash can. If we always wait for others to do something that moves nothing. Every day a good deed for the environment!  ~ Michael Krämer

When I pick up litter I feel-GOOD ~Wayne Maceyka 
Wayne Maceyka

When I pick up litter I feel-Accomplished. 

I feel helpful and happy to see a cleaner street!

When I pick up I feel upset that we are the cause of the mess I see right there..and there..and over there :(
Auntie Litta

Auntie Litta


When I pick up litter I feel personal satisfaction to do it, yet sad that I have to do it.
Dawnmarie Rotella

Dawnmarie Rotella @hellbender1210 

I feel 
Awesome ~ Expansive ~ Loving ~ Caring

RoadAngelsUS @RoadAngelsUS 


It leaves me feeling more connected to the natural world and I know however small I've made a difference.
Working to raise awareness of the environmental issues affecting the coastline of support local communities. Create positive change through a collective voice.

Ocean Warriors

When I pick up plastic litter, I feel I am helping the environment: it is one less hazardous item to life!
Julia Reisser
Oceanographer, Sea Turtle Expert, Studying Plastic Pollution, CatServant

We feel like we care about the planet we inhabit and hope others will follow suit
Join our community at the MarineBio Conservation Society today! Help create a sustainable and healthy ocean through science, conservation, education & research.

Like we all need to think of everyplace as our own front yard!

Proud Jewish feminist D green mother of 2 brilliant caring polit/cultural mavens. Hippie. At best on road w/husband. Boston born, miss my hometown. Smith 79

Philadelphia PA for now!

I feel it's the least I  can do to help the environment.
 Web & Social Media Editor at Burlington Free Press @bfp_news News, sports, tech, craft beer
& Instagrams. @asu grad  


I'm on a litter-adventure with moments of curiosity, frustration and creativity.
Emilie, intern at Clean Ocean Project
NGO // Protecting the oceans, waves and beaches. Everybody is part of the solution. Do your bit. Be part of it!
Canary Islands

Organizing Beach Clean Ups since 2002, my back starts to hurt a little..
Wim, founder of Clean Ocean Project
NGO // Protecting the oceans, waves and beaches. Everybody is part of the solution. Do your bit. Be part of it!
Canary Islands

 A little angry at the anonymous person or people who littered, a little grateful to be able to help my community.

Mission:CleanBeacheshappy and sad. Happy because I know that is one less piece but sad
because of the unfathomable amounts out there...
A research biologist dedicated to providing environmental awareness to our growing marine debris problem.
Space Coast, FL 


Carolyn KraftI feel good about helping my land and ocean wildlife friends. They make my life on earth more fun, it's the least I can do.
Writer obsessed with all things ocean. Write for ocean non-profits and for fun on my blog . 
Los Angeles  

Happy to be making a difference ... but frustrated to be cleaning up someone else's mess in the 1st place!
Dublin Litter Blog 

Overwhelmed at the extent of the issue! On a marsh cleanup I did recently, there was an ∞ number of micro plastic pieces.

Jenny Sant'Anna Photo cred: Flicker: Infinitygivingcircle
Jenny Sant'Anna
Plastic bags blow! Let's get them out of our lives. Follow and support the movement.

When I’ve picked up litter I usually feel glad to have contributed to the cleanliness of our community
Peter TiffanyHusband to a fab woman, IT security professional and desolate Leeds fan in Hertfordshire. Spare time given up to community stuff, mainly Neighbourhood Watch

satisfied to remove it from the environment but frustrated that it's there in the first place! Baby steps...
Stephanie WrightMarine biologist investigating the impacts of micro plastic debris on marine invertebrates.
Exeter, UK

Like we’re making a difference!

Earth Rangers is the kid’s conservation organization! We educate children on the threats facing biodiversity and help them protect animals and their homes.
Woodbridge, Ontario

I am only a marble;bluemarbleterra
but, when I pick up litter I feel responsible, even when the litter is not mine.
One of the Progeny of
Our Blue Marble

I feel that picking up after-the-fact in a plastic age is unsustainable
& that the "convenience" has a price we're not paying.
 The Flotsam Diaries
 The Flotsam Diaries

See. Learn. Change. Fighting marine plastic pollution, being amazed at the world.
Saco, Maine, USA  


like I'm helping my community in a small but concrete way.
Christopher Pearson

State rep in Burlington VT. I serve on the house health care committee, co-chair the climate caucus and lead the house Progressive caucus.

Burlington, VT


      I feel a sense of community and pride with what we do each week with Responsible Runners. Litterbugs have been present for centuries and so rather than moan at the individuals dropping litter; I’d prefer to place more weighting on the bigger picture. For instance, being a part of these movements like Responsible Runners and spreading the message in a way the public will welcome and accept.
Ross Molden, w/Responsible Runners

Frustrated that it's a never-ending stream!

Rossall Beach Residents & Community Group

Hi, I feel disappointed and sad that it has to be done. Stepping up & taking responsibility is necessary work for the soul.
Rachael Hatley

Rachael Hatley

Designer, Educator, Founder of The Litter Letter Project


Sad when I see it but happy & good when I've picked it up.
Karen Cannard
Creator of The Rubbish Diet inspiring folk to slim their bins. Spends the rest of her time washing pants.
Suffolk , UK

Don't Trash My Turf!10 feet tall!

Don't Trash My Turf!
Don't Trash My Turf! offers a game plan for preventing litter in the Burgh. Take pride in living in Pittsburgh by making it a clean city.
Pittsburgh, PA

Will you share YOUR insight? What does picking up litter mean to you?                        
Pick up a piece of litter then notice how you feel when you do that!
Fill in the blanks: When I pick up litter / trash I feel ______________________________.
Share your insight @ . I will add your response to this posting.
Read many more insights below.

Picking up litter makes me feel two things-hopeful others will be inspired to do same, and frustrated so many don't care!
CC StormWater
Corpus Christi, Texas. Collect & convey storm water, protect life & property from storm flooding, and protect water quality.
Corpus Christi, Texas

Kesha RamI feel I am doing my part to keep our neighborhoods beautiful. My neighbor has picked up bottles for 75 years on his walks!

Kesha Ram
Vermont State Rep + Civic Engagement Specialist in BTV's CEDO. Engaging and empowering Vermonters to participate and be heard in state and local govt.
Burlington, Vermont

 Quentin BrodieCooper

I think of the thousands who'll not see the litter picked and whose day will be a better one for what I've done. 
Quentin BrodieCooper

Literally, every time I see litter, I pick it up. If everyone did it, we'd have a lot less!

Route 802
We are connecting like-minded businesses, consumers and communities with new media solutions and creating a marketing ecosystem like no other.
Williston, Vermont

Hi, when I pick up litter "I feel that I am lightening the load of the Planet. I love letting it breath properly again". 
Litter Picker Man!

Litter Picker Man!  
Whoever U R, wherever U R right now, put your hand up if you want 2 live in a much much better World right now. Thank you.        Simon Owens.
Dorset, UK.

I feel like I'm doing my bit but annoyed that people can't find a bin
Love the great outdoors, being active, travel, the animal kingdom, ocean/beaches, sunsets/rises, camp fires, breathtaking views, laughter and genuine people


We feel it's one way to care for our community!
City Market
City MarketBurlington, Vermont's only community owned cooperative grocery store.
Burlington, Vermont


little disappointed people can have so little respect for others. Still +ve of others, otherwise wouldn't be doing my bit.Rupert Posner 
Rupert Posner
Chief Executive Officer, Good Environmental Choice Australia


When people litter they're thumbing their nose at everyone else. Bummed it's necessary to clean their mess.
Tim Ashe
VT State Senator. Chittenden County.
Burlington, VT

Happy that every bit of rubbish we collected isn't going to kill wildlife. Sad that we had to clean up in the 1st place!
Tangaroa Blue
Tangaroa Blue
Marine conservation organisation helping to target marine debris in our oceans
Australia & New Zealand

 I feel irritated that people in today’s age don’t understand or care about the damage they do to our only planet.  Craig Zieseniss
Craig Zieseniss
Love Motocross, MTB, Surfing, Outdoors. Doing it in KZN. Love life.
South Africa

It is so abundant in NYC that it motivates me to continue to spread awareness in order to help solve this major problem. 


Geo Friend-Lee
Geo Friend-Lee-Founder of Cleaner Curbs- Hardest Working Environmentalist on the Planet. #DontWasteOurPlanet #EarthDayThursday, Huge Sports Fan


Contrary to the positive stories on your site, I feel like I'm mopping up water with the tap still open! Prevention is key
Fam CharkoFam Charko
Ecologist, sustainability promoter, environmental educator, student of shamanism and storyteller.

Mixed feelings. Sad but glad I got to it

A global network of creative, energized ocean lovers. The ocean revolution is about saving lives.

The Ocean

Makes me feel like I am making Vermont a more beautiful place.
Shap Smith
Shap Smith
Vermont Speaker of the House and five-term legislator from Morrisville.
Morrisville, VT

Help stop litterbugsSad. Individuals litter not realizing that their careless action have a collective impact on destroying the planet.

About 85% of littering is the result of individual attitudes. Changing individual behavior is key to preventing litter.


 When I pick up litter I feel... "it may just be a little action but it Fylde LOVEmyBEACHmakes a big difference when done together"

Love beaches? Want to care for our local beaches & to improve BathingWaters? We can ALL help with our everyday actions. Fleetwood-Blackpool-Lytham #lovemybeach
The Fylde Peninsula

I feel absolutely fine. No fuss here.
Anna Brix
#SocialMedia Activist. M.A. in Educational #Sociology. Column at . Tweets in English and Danish. Mind Changer For Life, #GlobalCitizen.
Denmark/Sweden/South Africa

Clearing up litter and making an area look beautiful and pristine again is very uplifting and satisfying :)

Easily find out about local environmental projects in Hampshire and get involved.

Hampshire, UK

 We love the feeling! It's great to make a positive difference in our community, helping us CleanGreenMS.

Keep MS
Keep Mississippi Beautiful aims to prevent litter, encourage recycling and beautify Mississippi communities.  Madison, Miss  

We feel rejuvenated when we pick up litter! We feed off the positive energy of our dedicated volunteers who make AR shine!

Keep AR Beautiful

Inspiring and educating individuals to prevent litter, recycle and keep Arkansas beautiful.

When I pick up litter I feel glad that a small action can have an immediate and positive impact on the world around me.

CA Against Waste CA Against Waste

Conserving Resources | Preventing Pollution | Protecting the Environment
Sacramento, CA 

Empowered and that we're making a difference.

UnLitter Us Philly

UnLitter Us Philly

Let's rid Philly of litter once and for all! Join the Movement today by visiting our Fan Page at !

Philadelphia, PA

Mad somebody dropped it in the first place!
Often litterbugs respond positively if u use a friendly approach Not always!

Illustrator & Designer/Maker of Greeting Cards & Homeware

London Barbican

It’s a great feeling working with the community to bring about positive environmental change!

Miriam Cardenas
Community affairs rep for Waste Management of Southern CA—I organize green programs/events and focus on environmental sustainability.
Corona, CA ·

That we are making a difference to our local environment.

Litterpickers at the ready!

Award winning UK manufacturer of Litterpickers,The Helping Hand Company works with councils,schools,community groups&distributors to keep our world clean&tidy!

Herefordshire, United Kingdom 

It makes us feel good to save landfill space! We just estimated the amount of recycling we've done over 23 years.
 The Tomato Head

The Tomato Head  
Food gotta cook. Don't come out of a can. Tasty sandwiches,
pizzas & burritos for carnivores, vegeterians & vegans.
We also do a little baking @flourheadbakery


I feel like I'm "Keepin' it Clean and Green"

Duxbury LitterPatrol
Duxbury LitterPatrol @

Picking up Litter (Trash, Recyclables and Returnables) as a Volunteer. Taking Pride Town-Wide by Keepin' it Clean!

Duxbury, MA

Alex Simon Live Manhattan & pick up plastic bags every day.Ppl think I'm crazy. But then they don't know @ Great Garbage Patch
editor and mother interested in politics, the environment, and animal rights
New York, NY

When I pick up litter / trash and dispose of it properly, I feel honored to help the Earth & be an example
No Impact ProjectNo Impact Project
A social change initiative of No Impact Man. This account is maintained by supporters and volunteers of No Impact Project.

I feel ... better about the world! We should all take responsibility for the place we call home.Keep Cinci Beautiful

Keep Cincinnati Beautiful is an award-winning nonprofit organization that promotes beautification, recycling, litter prevention, and community pride.
Cincinnati, OH

When I pick up litter/trash in Austin & dispose of it properly I feel pleased to contribute to planet health.
Working for animal and human rights. Vegan. No Kill advocate. Austin pet care professional.
Austin TX

We feel AwEsOmE!!

Corinth Beautiful
Keeping Corinth and Alcorn County Beautiful!
Alcorn County, Mississippi

As I joined friends that Saturday morning I felt like we were doing something good that seemed leveraged well beyond the ten or twelve bags of trash we collected.
Bernie Paquette, South Burlington, Vermont

The path behind me is cleaner than what is ahead of me during my daily litter walk.
Rick W. Schreiber

     When I pick up litter, I feel somehow connected to the litterer. I also feel connected to the land, and the animals that I am protecting from the dangers of litter. {Some litter, like tobacco, seeps into the soil and the water. Some animals eat the litter and some get caught in it}

     I think that picking up litter is an ideal way to accomplish many physical and social goals: getting fresh air, getting cardiovascular exercise, getting in some stretching, and doing some civic good, not to mention doing something for the environment, and beautifying the landscape.
Rosanne Greco, South Burlington, Vermont

Feels great to know I'm helping keep our planet clean, green & Litterfree!

Picking up litter calms feels like a meditation.

Let's leave our planet a little cleaner & a little greener than we found it.

 Start making a difference piece of litter at a time.

Happy Earth Day! Pick up the next piece of litter you see, and help keep our planet clean, green & litter-free it will make you feel great!

            It's fun!

Also frustrating companies that make the trash
 don't take responsibility.
Two Hands Project

Two Hands Project             
Plastic Pollution kills. Clean up yOUR world. 30 minutes, Two Hands, anywhere, anytime. Share pics of your haul to inspire!

When I pick up litter/trash & dispose of it properly, I feel the world needs to teach more people personal responsibility.
April week 2  
Professional adventurist, writer extraordinaire, and author of the highly-anticipated forthcoming book 'Life Gives Me Lemons'. Hank Moody: Eat your heart out.

     When I pick up and properly dispose of a piece of litter I feel a simple sense of satisfaction in knowing that anyone coming along behind me will find things just a bit more scenic than I did, and that possible environmental problems may be avoided. 
Al Suasco, AKA Trash Paddler
Trash in the River?  Wastewater Treatment Services?

When I pick up litter or trash in BTV and dispose of it properly I feel awesome!
Eva Sollberger
Eva Sollberger 
I make StuckInVermont web videos about Vermont for Seven Days. I also drink lots of tea, do yoga and read pulp novels. Holler if you have story ideas.

I feel hopeful when I take trash from where it doesn't belong
Sara Bayles
Sarah Bayles
After 1,300 pounds of trash taken off my local beach in 365 cleanups I'm still going

I feel a little bit of happy... from the good exercise of all that bending down, and from the knowledge that one less cigarette butt may find its way into a baby bird's nest or into the water supply... not to mention the happiness from seeing the neighborhood looking so pretty without all manner of "stuff" scattered here and there.
Maida Townsend
Representing South Burlington's Chittenden 7-4 district in the Vermont House.

When I pick up litter or trash in TN and dispose of it properly, I feel exasperated!
Being responsible is not hard!
Keep Knox Beautiful
Knoxville, TN
Promoting a cleaner, greener, more beautiful community. Check out the website if you are interested in volunteering/donating. All help is greatly appreciated.

Danielle Richardet & Family
Danielle Richardet
It's simple... what we do (or don't do) has an impact the world we live in. It starts with me and ripples to you...

Like a Virginian
Keep VA Beautiful
KVB is a diverse group of people dedicated to reducing litter and waste and educating all citizens to become better stewards of the environment.

When I pick up litter in waterways and dispose of it properly, I feel a sense of relief. :)

Ryan Elizabeth Cope
Here to network, learn and share news relating to plastic pollution, sustainability, environmental issues and activism on all fronts!

As though I am doing my part to protect the creatures I share the planet with.

Sarah Dopp
President SBLT
South Burlington Land Trust 

Preserving South Burlington, Vermont's natural and cultural land heritage

 a responsible citizen...
Vince Bolduc
South Burlington Land Trust member


When I pick up litter or trash in South Burlington and dispose of it properly, I feel like I am keeping my home clean.
Kathleen Fuller
South Burlington Land Trust Member

I feel Governor Dean Davis, My Dad and Bob Babcock watching
                                                        and smiling that their vision has lived on.

Theodore M. Riehle III
South Burlington Land Trust member

(Mr. Riehle’s father was one of the founders of Green Up Day.)

Hopeful that someone is watching & will follow my lead!
Don't Trash Arizona
The official anti-litter Twitter of Don’t Trash Arizona. We address the negative impacts of freeway litter in our region.

"I feel good" who sang that song?
Keep TSC Beautiful
Toccoa, Georgia
KTSCB is a volunteer organization dedicated to inspiring citizens of all ages to do their part to keep our community clean and beautiful.

When I pick up Litter / trash and dispose of it properly, I feel good!
Rob Bish
Rob Bish

When I go out running, I always try to pick up one or two pieces of rubbish and bin it. Dacorum Community Champion winner 2012

Confessions of a Toronto Litter Educator
by Sheila White
Toronto, Ontario, CANADA

I have a shameful confession to make. Not that I pick up litter, or even study litter more than is probably healthy. No, my admission is this: I have a relationship with litter.
Bernie suggested that I pick up some litter and write an essay on how I feel about it. Reflecting on the idea I realized this would be no mere story, but an admission of my deepest rooted feelings.

My mom lives nearby. Her neighbor, Raj, is building a new home next door where a small bungalow used to stand. I dubbed the new structure his Raj Mahal.

Construction sites are well-documented litter offenders, always showing up on the list of top eight causes of litter. Against this backdrop I visit my elderly mother’s pastoral home. And on this day, as on many others, I am greeted by sightings of coffee cups, lids, empty creamers, polystyrene, some of it disintegrating into miniscule beads to confound even the nimblest of fingers. I found plastic construction material packaging, soggy paper napkins, newspaper and more food-related wrappings. Cellophane also reared its transparent head. Rubber bands, plastic and wire made guest appearances.

I feel wonderfully warm about nestling this waste in a secure bag. I feel nurturing. I have given this litter a proper home and resting place. My mother’s heritage property is for now restored to its erstwhile nature-respecting grandeur. My bagged litter and I revel in this moment together knowing it is fleeting because, astonishingly, people keep littering. They are planet bullies. What does it take to place a waste bin on site and tell your workers to use it?

My mother is a lifelong environmentalist. At 88, her awareness has slipped. She isn’t able to police a neighbor who’s his own contractor and a messy one at that.

While I feel happy to clear up the litter, I know my childhood memories are responsible for that. My mom used to send me out as a kid spring and fall to do a quick tidy-up and beautify her acre of green.

But today my fond memory bubble is being usurped by a creeping feeling of irritation and indignation about the people who create this mess, an abject disappointment in these humans, so-called “fellow men”. Like any close relationship, litter can bring out the best and worst in me.

Years on, when I finally look back on my career of educating about litter, I don’t want to see that litter was there with me through thick and thin. I want littering to be taboo in my lifetime so I can finally kiss everyone’s litter goodbye.

Sheila White
The Litter Prevention Program:

I picked up piece of litter and it made me happy to know that I was helping to make our parks more beautiful and helping to clean up wildlife habitat at the same time.

Yumiko Jakobcic, Executive Director
Winooski Valley Park District,

Preserving the beauty of its seven member communities

I feel angry with the litterer, frustrated that we produce so much disposable stuff, wistful about how I used to toss trash (remembering specific places and times), and relieved that I intercepted the junk before it spreads into the woods.

Robert A. Herendeen, Fellow

Gund Institute for Ecological Economics

University of Vermont

Righteous, cuz a beautiful community takes a community effort!

Alex, Nick, Ave, Gail, and Candace tweeting for the Cabot Farmer Owners.
Cabot: Makers of The World's Best Cheddar.

I feel like… I made a difference.
Justine Riegel  Twitter@THISISVT
Marketing & Media Manager @ GMD

When we pick up litter / trash and dispose of it properly, we feel we are improving the quality of life for all Vermonters.
Penne D. VanderBush CeM
V.P. - Market Development

When we pick up litter / trash and dispose of it properly, we feel wonderful!!!!!

Blount County, TN
Environmental nonprofit striving to improve our community through litter prevention, waste reduction, & beautification environment

When we pick up litter / trash and dispose of it properly, we feel Exuberant!
NOAA Marine Debris
The NOAA Marine Debris Program leads national and international efforts to keep the sea free of debris!

When I pick up litter/trash and dispose of it properly, I feel LIKE A SUPERHERO making my community a better place to live

Donna Mazza
Pittsburgh & Philadelphia PA
Waste reduction, recycling, litter, watershed, composting, e-waste, household chemical & pharmaceutical collections.

We feel astonished that people use the Earth as their personal trash can!
Keep Sevier Beautifu
Sevierville, TNMotivating and educating Sevier County residents and guests to take greater responsibility for improving our community’s environment.

"When we pick up litter, we feel SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALADOCIOUS!!!"
Volunteer organization in Allen, TX, affiliate of Keep Texas Beautiful and Keep America Beautiful.
Allen, TX

When I pick up litter/trash and dispose of it properly
I feel a litter better. 

Picking up litter during a vigorous walk is good for the mind, spirit, body and the world. Try it.
Robin Roberts

Robin Roberts
Mobile, AL

When I pick up litter, I feel empowered because i transform the energy of neglect into stewardship.

Davey Rogner
Nature lover, Co-Founder of @pickupamerica, aspiring writer, and musician - I live for America's sustainable renaissance.

When I pick up litter/trash and dispose of it properly, I feel
 like part of a greater good
Using Instagram to crowdsource clean the planet.

When I pick up litter, I feel annoyed & good; annoyed that someone littered, good that I picked it up.
Discovering & promoting Vermont one cool thing at a time.

When I pick up litter I feel peaceful & grounded.
Picking up litter calms feels like a meditation.

Museum of
litter, recycling, upcycling, eco, ecology, environment, green, trash, garbage, ocean, cigarette butts, art, litter art, litter prevention, artivist

When I pick up  litter, I feel like (an oxytocin cocktail)…
Saving our small planet one marble at a time, through random acts of blue kindness!
Our Blue Marble, Earth

I don't get all warm and fuzzy picking up other people's trash. To alleviate my disappointment I've made a game out of trying to "repackage" or "reorder" this garbage in an attempt to get others to pick it up in its newly reconfigured form as art. Long ago, I realized that I couldn't pick it all up as each successive river wave washed more man-made junk upon this ancient shoreline. I try to appeal to people's creative sensibilities in the space of nature.
Al & Pat Gorman

When we pick up litter, we feel overjoyed!

On a mission to beautify, conserve resources, recycle, educate and preserve our community's environmental legacy.

Alachua County, Fla

When my kids and I pick up litter in Western Australia and dispose of it properly we feel
A mixture of emotions.

 Mr 5 is pleased that “fish won’t eat this and die”
 Miss 7 is excited that she collected so much she’ll get another star on her litter picking chart.
 Mrs ?! is proud that we have nearly cleaned up our local park on our daily dog walks, though frustrated that the job will never be complete…
 Mr ?! is also proud that he has a family who actively take steps to clean up their community.
Trish Rickaby

When I pick up litter I feel calm and satisfied by the awareness that I am making a difference.
I feel defiant - I will not let them foul this bit of earth
I feel loving towards the grass, the wild flowers, the trees (I only litter-pick on the verges alongside a main road)
I feel grateful and surprised at some of the non-litter things I encounter: the hidden mushrooms, the lush blackberries, wild flowers, the rich reek that marks the path of a fox. People in cars roaring by have no idea of this.
I feel angry towards the morons who dump stuff - but usually only in a quiet sort of way.
I feel that I'm caring for myself.
People have asked me why I pick up other people's crap. I say: if someone spits in your face, do you refuse to wipe it off because it's not your spit?

Erica Rose, North Yorkshire, UK

(I) Live (in) Manhattan & pick up plastic bags every day. Ppl think I'm crazy. But then they don't know @ Great Garbage Patch.

Alex Simon
Editor and mother interested in politics, the environment, and animal rights
New York, New York

I pick up litter because, I get an instant personal reward, a feeling of accomplishment and pride in place.

 We knew you would come through for us!

Will you share YOUR insight? What does picking up litter mean to you?
Pick up a piece of litter then
notice how you feel when you do that!

Fill in the blanks: When I pick up litter I feel ________________________________.

Add your insight @, or email to bernie.paquette @  I will add your response to those above.

Earth, the only planet we know with and life. Cleaning it up is easier than moving. 

Celebrate Earth Day every day by cleaning up litter.

Future Campaigns:
 Cleaning up litter is_________
What inspires you to clean up litter? __________
Valentine's Day is coming in a few weeks! Tweet me who your heart goes out to for their clean up actions. _______ _________

Earth Day