Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Vermont Yellow-banded Bumble Bee photos


Yellow-banded Bumble Bee (click on the hot link for more info)

"Bernie! You have just documented a threatened species -- indeed, the yellow-banded bumblebe  (Bombus terricola). Really cool stuff. I have contacted one of the researchers at UVM, Leif Richardson to let him know. He has requested the location and date of your picture. I don't know if he will request to use your photo, but I would like to ask permission now in case he -or I- want to use it." Gabe Andrews, UVM

The Yellow-banded Bumblee bee photos were taken on 5/17/2016 from 12:36-12:39 pm in my backyard on Kirby Rd., South Burlington, Vermont. (On an Evans Bali Cherry Tree)

Go out and observe, for nature will astound you. ~Bernie


 Click on this hot link to view 18 Types of Vermont Bumblebees.

                   Tri-colored Bumblee

                                                                #BeeFriendlier - or else

Bees at work on the fruit tree blossoms and the flowering Quince.

                                 In the middle of the BEE-FEST, this
                                   White-crowned Sparrow dropped by.

    Thought it neat to see the (smaller) one chasing the (larger) other one.

The bee on the dandelion is probably one of the genus 0smia of which there are roughly 30 species in the East. I'm not positive however but 90 per cent sure or so. There are hundred of species of bees. It is very helpful to get an image that includes a sharp view of the head. Anyhow, I've seen this type many times on dandelion. ~Don Miller

Spring flowers - Who has time for flowers?
 ~Mrs. American Robin

Tower to BB Heavy
      All clear for landing