Friday, April 1, 2016

LaPlatte River Marsh Natural Area - UVM Friday Field Walks

The floodplain around the LaPlatte River, (Shelburne River Park / LaPlatte River Marsh Natural Area) scrubbed clean by spring floods, provides for easy walking and a superior view of the cliffs above. 

We explored the areas below the cliffs, looking for signs of beavers, waterfowl on the river, Pileated woodpeckers, and small mammals. Mink, river otters, bobcats, foxes, coyotes, deer and many more animals live or pass through here.

Bernie publishes short stories and photos reflecting Vermont values of Green and Clean and Community. 

This UVM Friday Field walk was hosted by Alicia Daniel and Shelby Perry. From the limestone cedar bluffs above, to the floodplain forest below, there is a lot to explore around the LaPlatte cliffs.

Caught the trees looking in the mirror.

Oh Grandma, what big toes you have.

Lichen 'Wreath'

 Bur cucumber (Echinocystis lobata), also known as wild cucumber, balsam-apple, or Concombre sauvage

Mosey on up to the bar,
and have a

Troll Village Hut

When you are an insect,
you can run, but you can't hide,

May some of the ancient wisdom this tree holds,
pass on to us,
as we pay our homage and respect.

Laugh, Dream, Try, and do-good.

Hemlock Varnish ShelfGanoderma tsugae (I.D. by iNaturalist community)
Ganoderma tsugae, also known as Hemlock varnish shelf, is a flat polypore mushroom of the genus Ganoderma. Wikipedia

Nature's earrings

Sycamore leaf

Toothache prevented completion.

Gnaw-ingly artful

T i m b e r,
echoed in the air,
as we passed this tree.

A tree inside a tree under a tree

                         Stop, Look, and Listen. Nature will astound you.

Waterfall frozen in time.

Oh what mysterious creatures lurk
in the shadows
of the vernal pools.

Preventing the two sides
from coming together.

Threw off her dress
and swayed in the breeze.

One step down,
one thousand steps up.


Deer me

Isn't it great to live in an age and a city with natural open spaces and no dinosaurs roaming about eating people like chicken-nuggets? ~Bernie

Note the unusual deep ridged bark on this ash tree.
There are some quite large ash trees here.

Moose Antler look alike.

There was a whole lotta
chirping going on.

Sensitive Fern 

It takes a village

Many thanks to the UVM students (enrolled in either the Field Naturalist or Ecological Planners masters program,) and others on the walk. 

Bernie publishes photos reflecting Vermont values of Green and Clean and Community. He urges us all to, pick up litter and maintain a litter free environment through caring, community, and contribution in order to protect our water, wildlife, and human health.
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