Friday, May 6, 2016

Woodside WVPD. UVM Friday Field Walk Photos

UVM Friday Field Walk to Woodside Natural Area in Essex Jct. Vermont, part of the WVPD (Winooski Valley Park District) properties. "We joined Bryan Pfeiffer and Sean Beckett on a treasure hunt for all things feathered. We were the welcoming committee to 2016's first tropical songbirds, arriving daily from the beaches of Cuba to the rain-forests of Brazil! As we follow[ed] the Winooski River in search of warblers overhead." 

Host: Sean, Bryan.
Guests: Andy, Maeve, Sonya, Chuck, Gabe, Marilyn, Pam, Nancy, Linda, Shirley, Glenn, Ann, Larry, Shelby, Alicia, Sam, Bernie. 

                                                            Eastern Kingbird

                                            Left Turn Clyde. (Mourning Dove)

Wood Duck

Common Grackle

Spotted Lady beetle
Pink Spotted Lady beetle

Species Coleomegilla maculata

Sanguinaria (Blood Root)

                                                                 Trout Lily

Never Give UP

I apologize for calling you a Downy!




                                          Yellow-bellied Sapsucker 
                                   (Male-red chin)

Vermont Alligator

Finally, a bird I can feel
'reasonably' confident
I can identify correctly.



My childhood favorite

Photos below were taken at Woodside in April 2016.

Firefly Larvae


                                                                    Black Ducks

                                                 Wood Ducks


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