Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Vermont backyard flowers June 2014

A gardner's dilemma; always one more plant needing planting, transplanting, pruning, one more needing dead-heading, a little more pruning, fertilizing, often watering, and importantly observing-both plants, insects, birds, and other critters. Dilemma of choice of how to spend free time. Fortunately the choice is an easy one for me - not a dilemma but a delight.

                                       One of the bare root Elm trees I planted a few years back.

                                                       Chives - good eating, pretty flower.

                                                                                          The Ups
                                                  and downs
                                                                 of summer.

And so the seasons went rolling on into summer,
as one rambles into higher and higher grass.

-HDT, Walden

 Dianthus barbatus- Sweet Williams, how sweet thou are. Come ye butterflys, one and all. 

                                   The Hostas are herding up the roses in an octagon bed.


                                                                             Salvia - Have a seat, your next up.