Friday, October 2, 2015

Growing Young Gardeners - Sept. Sunflowers reign Supreme

South Burlington, VT flower photos.

Wheeler Park Community Gardens, SB VT

Thumbs up for a sunny and warm Sept

The Growing Young Gardeners Club little folks were mostly away on Sept. 26, however the bees continued to do their work at Wheeler Park Community Gardens on 1100 Dorset Street in South Burlington, Vermont. GYG donated 360 lbs to the Food Shelf this season. 

Waiting for the sunflower seeds to ripen. 

My theory: Our elusive woodchuck ate some spinach,
 though Janette swears none was planted,
 and thereby gained strength
to tear away a section of the fence.
Lari looks on in admiration -
 perhaps she will entice the Growing Young Gardeners
 to add spinach to her diet.

The beginning of the oncoming harvest!

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