Saturday, August 1, 2015

South Burlington birds: Backyard Birds photos

Backyard birds in South Burlington VT. - in July. (Photos) 

Red-bellied Woodpecker

                    Bird watching is fun, free, and sometimes funny. 

South Burlington, VT bird photos.

Blue Jay

Northern Cardinal

Hairy Woodpecker (male - as indicated by red nape).
Bill is about twice as long as (its) head.
Downy woodpecker looks similar except
bill is half as long as (its) head, and has white outer tail feathers.
Hairy 9", Downy 6". 

House Wren
(makes a nest in a bird box near our house nearly every year.)

Listen, you keep drumming out of tune,
now work with me bro!

Now don't go getting
your tail feathers
in a flurry. 

Downy Woodpecker
Note the white outer tail feathers.

There must be a door somewhere.

First you put a quarter in the slot,
then you go over to this side...

Hairy Woodepcker on left, 
Downy Woodpecker on right. 

See, it is easy if you know how. 

Can't a guy get a little privacy
for clean up time?

I am quite the cat's meow,
if I do say so myself. 

Gray Catbird
Give off a "meeow" call when alarmed.

Black-capped Chickadee

Gray CatbirdAll gray with black cap. 
Note reddish-brown patch under base of tail.

Sunscreen! I need sunscreen. 

Did you remember to bring
the rubber ducky?

American Goldfinch
Male - Yellow, Female yellowish green (in summer)

Always remember to bring your lady flowers. 

Are you looking at my butt again?

Darn, she must have
eyes in back of her head.

I get the strange feeling
I am being watched. 

I had way too much
to drink last night.

Its all mine,
and I am not sharing. 

High wire act.


Can't you just ring the door bell
like normal folks do?


House Finch (male)

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