Thursday, September 24, 2015

CLEAN CITY: Why is this Blue Heron Shedding a Tear in South Burlington VT?

The Crying Indian Great Blue Heron

Why is this Great Blue Heron, shedding a tear?

Sure our reliance on fossil fuels
is of grave concern, however
the tear of this Great Blue Heron
falls for another reason. 

Come with me, let me show you.

You see, Vermont is mostly Green and Clean 
in spring and summer
with a pallet full of fall colors,
and pure white snow in the winter. 

However sometimes, in a few un-cared for spots

a blemish threatens the great pride 
we take in our natural environment.

Do you see what brought a tear to my eye?

A beautiful green space 
in between the two interstate exchanges,
disgraced by trash thrown out of cars 
by a few unintegrated members of our society

Sometimes, I want to run,  
and bring their trash back
to them

But I am only a bird; even a Great Blue Heron
cannot stop people from littering.

Will you help  keep our city of South Burlington, VT Green and Clean?

Pick up litter in order to protect our water, wildlife, and human health!

What do you say?
 Will you stand tall and take greater responsibility
for keeping SB VT beautiful?

The Crying Indian Blue Heron. What is a crying shame?

...litter left on our pristine land.

Will you care for the littered areas and use signage, receptacles,
and frequent clean ups to help change behavior?

People are more likely to litter 
                   in an already littered environment 
                    than in a clear one.

Don't turn your back to litter.
 A few littered areas diminish a mostly 

Green and Clean Vermont.

Beautiful foliage desecrated
by single use bag.

Let's keep ALL of Vermont Green and Clean & Beautiful.

Bernie publishes short stories and photos reflecting Vermont values of Green and Clean and Community.