Monday, October 12, 2015

BTV Bikepath - 15 Lake Champlain Sunset photos

Burlington, Vt photos - Lake Champlain Sunset

October 12, watching the sunset over Lake Champlain as I coast along the BTV bike path. (Followed the bike path from the BTV boat house, to the bridge that goes over the Winooski River as it enters Lake Champlain, onto the Colchester portion of the bike path, to the Causeway onto South Hero. Did not take the bike ferry, but stopped at the causeway gap on Lake Champlain then headed back to BTV.)

Colchester portion of the BTV bike path/Island Line Trail, headed back to BTV.

Brief stop at Rosetti Beach. 

Back on BTV portion of the bike path. 



  Its a race now. Will I make it to the pier before the sun sets?

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