Sunday, October 4, 2015

Wheeler Natural Park Strings Jewels of Color. South Burlington VT

South Burlington, VT photos. 

Wheeler Natural park, SB VT

It is October in Vermont.

We are ready for color. Sept. averaged 67.4 degrees in BTV, topping the previous all time record by 2 degrees. October is bringing on shorter days, and lower temperatures. The trees know the cue. 

Though Wheeler Natural Park is still flush with a green background, the natural area is already displaying it's jewelry of fall flowers of white, yellow, pink, and lots of splashes of purple throughout the park. 

But wait, there is more.
Follow the trails as they twist and turn, over well trodden trails, and board walks, through sunny fields of lazy sweeping grasses, with tall stalks of yellow flowers looking like a cross of a sunflower and a dandelion as bright and yellow as the sun, and purple flowers galore,
singing of October harvest, cider, pumpkin donuts and Halloween.

Continue on the trails as they enter the mix of 
deciduous and evergreens, watch as the shadows and filtered sunlight work to put spotlights on ferns, mushrooms, moss and fallen leaves, while butterfly's and birds dart in and out of the shadows and streaming sunlight. 

Then suddenly out of deep green, stands out a maple tree of orange so orange 
you want to pick a leaf and taste it. Color blazing against the surrounding green and glowing from the sunshine glittering through the jewelry of Wheeler Park.

A butterfly entices you to move further down the trails which is bordered by a very old stone wall, neighbored by some very wide diameter trees. Lay your hand on one for a moment, take in the history and wisdom the wise old tree has to offer. Absorb the calm spirit of patience, and perseverance. 

Continue on to recognize Autumn gold rush is upon us at Wheeler park. Find more trees interspersed along the trails in gold, red, yellow, orange; bright vibrant, enchanting colors embedded on a dress of luscious velvety green.

Sit on one of the large boulders which many many years ago conveniently rolled to a spot by the stream, just so you could sit on them and enjoy the tranquil quiet clear water. 

I will leave you here, to contemplate the beauty that is Wheeler Natural Area. When you are ready to leave, just follow the trail below.
Happy Autumn in South Burlington, VT.

Sorry about the fuzzy photos - camera operator problem.

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