Sunday, August 9, 2015

South Burlington, VT Neighborhood photos issue #6

 South Burlington, VT Neighborhood photos issue #6.
Celebrating community - by sharing love of growing and nurturing plants. 

Backyard flowers and vegetable gardens, Cottage Grove Avenue, South Burlington, VT neighborhood. 

South Burlington VT flower photos.

SB Chamberlin Neighborhood

Each garden has its own personality, every flower, every vegetable is special.

Guardian Swans

Secrets told are safely stored
 in this magical ancient incense holder.

Game of marble anyone?

Mint Julep coming right up. 

Pollinator delight.

Rose of Sharon rescued from an unwanted home.
And doing quite nicely here. 

Downy woodpecker.

Downy woodpecker on a Mullein plant.
One plant can produce over 100,000 seeds.

Allowing plants to go to seed 
offers harvest for birds in the fall and winter.
 This woodpecker may be 
 harvesting the weevils that feed on the mullein seeds.

What do community and gardening have in common? Both are instilled with commonly shared challenges, and an abundance of caring through sharing.  Happy Gardening.  Bernie

Bernie publishes short stories and photos reflecting Vermont values of Green and Clean and Community.  

Special thanks for the SB resident who invited me to take and share photos of this lovely and personalized yard of flowers, shade plants, and productive vegetable garden.
Send me an email with your address, and day and time to have your flower or vegetable garden(s) photographed and shared with others via my website. Each garden has its own personality, every flower, every vegetable is special.

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