Wednesday, December 17, 2014

South Burlington, Vermont nature trails - Snowshoeing at BTV Airport

Nature photos, BTV airport, South Burlington, VT

South Burlington photos

There are some informal nature trails behind the BTV airport just past the South Burlington, Vermont dog park. 

                                                                                         Now which way do we go?
"Pardon me, that way is a very nice way.
It's pleasant down that way too.
Of course people do go both ways."
The Wizard of OZ.


                                                                              From injury sprouts new life.


Dinner at the rink - Chipmunks on ice. 

                                                                            Prometheus are you under the snow? I will go to find Hercules, he will save you.


                                                       Shark teeth?

                                                                     I found an opening, a way out!

                                                                     are life

                                                             yet to be awakened.

                                                               The secret door?

                                        Gambling tree, lay down your chips.



                                        Miniature Christmas tree for chipmunks.

                                              Hello Tower? This is Snowbird, I'm headed into BTV, see you soon.

                                                      Fermenting in cold storage.

                                       Parking for dogs only.

                                                Off to get more snow lovers.

Snow Surfs up.

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