Tuesday, January 27, 2015

South Burlington birds: Snow Birds

Winter Storm Snow Birds, South Burlington, VT

South Burlington, VT photos

Welcome to the SB Vermont Backyard Birding, Issue # 9, Snowbirds.

A winter storm is ripping through southern New England including in our South Burlington, Vermont backyard, (1/27/2015) while reaching the Champlain Valley with a little less gusto. Still, we can enjoy our snow birds-those that stick around and tough out the Vermont winters with us. Welcome to SB Vermont backyard birding, Issue # 9, Snowbirds.

Below are a few of the bird species found in our South Burlington, Vermont backyard, weathering the storm.

                             Who is throwing all the snowballs?

Be prepared - wear your yellow snow goggles, black ear muffs, and white scarf. 

                                                        Darn, my feet are cold. 

     There is seed under here somewhere; I just know it. 

I hope I can find my way home from this grocery store. 


   Carolina Wren says this is a far cry from Carolina (weather).

It is snowing Downy and Hairy woodpecker feathers. 

                               Playing ping pong with the snow flakes.

                                                         I need a ski-mask. 

                                         Visibility not good.                                  

                        Some of these snowflakes are as big as me. 

                          Where is all this white stuff coming from?

                         Ma and Pa decide to sit and wait it out. 


Storm, what storm? 
As long as I have peanuts and a beer - I am happy. 

In winter, we lead a more inward life ~ Henry David Thoreau
Just the same - look out your window! ~Bep

Happy Backyard Birding!

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Photos taken with Canon Power Shot S3IS