Thursday, August 13, 2015

South Burlington, VT Neighborhood photos issue #7

South Burlington, Vt flower photos

SB Chamberlin neighborhood

South Burlington, VT Neighborhood photos issue #7.
Celebrating community - by sharing love of growing and nurturing plants. 

Backyard flowers and vegetable gardens, Mills Avenue, South Burlington, VT neighborhood.

South Burlington, VT photos.

A Vermont giraffe, very rare indeed. 

Temperature control -
the birds get to adjust the
bird bath to their liking. 

Between the jazz band and the birds,
the place was rocking!

Like the gardener,
a cobbler's work is never done. 

Like my motto: Laugh, Dream, Try, and do-Good.

Wisps the blues away. 

                                                     You are my sunshine, my only sunshine....

A bird haven guarded by angels.

Don't you just want to rub those beautiful ears?

                                                       No Vacancy

Joe hand painted the sun

Some really big butterfly's
visit this pollinator haven.

Some folks come by to
 read a book or play a melody
 in the confines of this lovely landscape.



I can fly, I can F L Y !

Pig - a - Boo.

Mufasa the lion king, 
in retirement

Mama told me if I
 stuck my tongue out one more time
it would freeze in place.
You was right mama. 

I know why the caged bird sings.

Kim and Joe
through love and caring
provide a wonderful
haven for pollinators and birds.

Kim's dad used the scythes to mow meadows.

Special thanks to Kim and Joe for inviting me to take and share photos of this lovely and personalized yard of flowers, shade plants, and ornaments.

Send me an email with address, day and time to have your flower or vegetable garden(s) photographed and shared with others via my website. Each garden has its own personality, every flower, every vegetable is special. 
I would love to visit yours!

Bernie publishes short stories and photos reflecting Vermont values of Green and Clean and Community 

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