Friday, December 30, 2011

Aliens Pick Vermont; Cleanest Landing Spot

Vote for your Favorite Trashy Headline 


1. Litter Spotted From Space - Aliens Pick Vermont, Cleanest Landing Spot

2. Cat Boycotts Green Up Day - Hides Her Litter.

3. InscectsDecry Litterbugs - Launch "Sting-Em" Campaign.

4. Youth make it Cool to be Clean - Environment Wins!

5. Critters Bitter about Litter - Stage Demonstration Along Roadsides.

6. Scavengers Seek Trashy Treasure, Saturday May 7 (Green Up Day)
    Start Early for Best Pickings.

7. Litterbugs Denounced for ASBO (Antisocial behavior disorder)
    IJAF - Littering is Just Wrong.

8. Psychics Predict World Will Clean Up Its' Act - IF we don't Trash it first.

9. Umpire Throws Out Litter- Dirty Call!

10. Lawyer Files Suit against Fast Food Corporations claiming their
      food wrappers are Responsible for Clients Littering Behaviors.

11. Businesses Quick to Move in after explorer discovers Litter-Free City.

12. Cigarette companies begin Recycling Effort- Target 2.1 Billion Cigarette
      Butts thrown on the ground each year.
      Second-hand Smoke anyone?

13. Uncovered Pickup Truck Spills Trash-Leaves telltale trail.
       Driver Complains to Police - "Don't see you ticketing Hansel & Gretel".

14. Shortage of Litter Threatens Green Up Day. (April Fools!)

       Dozens Scramble to Pick Up Last Piece.
       Now that was easy!


“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil

   is that good men do nothing".