Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Clean City: Green Economy: Does it include you?

From far away Earth appears to be blue.  A closer look tells us why many

of its inhabitants are of the same attitude. The world around them is decaying. The sustainability of plant, animal, and human life is hanging by a thread-like straw of hope. 

We have defined human success in terms of accumulation, regardless of need. Need has become a created element in order to bolster more want, followed by more accumulation. With our posturing, profiting, and populating we crowd out other species, and monopolize the earth’s resources that she carefully designed, and stored for many millenniums.

Fear of wanton destruction of life is awakening us towards a new attitude and behavior. The new mantra is “Beneficial”.

Will you become beneficial to our home-our atmosphere, our soil, our lakes, rivers and streams?

Will you add your voice and behavior to the Green Economy-sustainable energy jobs, low carbon economies, green policies, green buildings agriculture, fisheries, forestry, and industries using efficient energy, sustainable tourism, sustainable transport, waste management, water and other resource efficiency?

On an individual level, will you compost in order to build new rich soil? Will you plant a tree to help prevent soil erosion and to slow carbon build up?  Will you pick up littered trash to prevent it from reaching our waterways where it kills fish and other aquatic life? Will you find ways to use less plastic? (Plastic never completely deteriorates and it is killing birds, fish, and turtles while polluting our ocean shores.) Will you place sustainability in the forefront of your production and consumption decisions? How will you personally transition from a participant in a gluttonous wasteful economy to a participant in a Green sustainable economy?

None of us will do it all. If each of us does the best we can, we will make a difference-it is about individual actions by mass numbers of people.
In this New Year, what will you do to “enrich our planet and your fellow human beings”?

Let us celebrate with actions that benefit the world we live in.

                            The resin that will preserve life is Green.
                                                                                                                                          Litter Picking is an All Season Sport.

The UNEP (United Nations Environment Program) describes the green economy as "one that results in improved human well-being and social equity, while significantly reducing environmental risks and ecological scarcities.

Plastic trash kills.Pick it up before they do. Photo credit: Chris Jordan. Click on photo to see more photos.

* We hate to waste web site: http://www.wehatetowaste.com/forget-wrapping-paper-try-cloth-bags/

WeHateToWaste.com is a community of people just like you who hate to see things go to waste: food, energy, water — you name it! (You know the waste we’re talking about. It’s the kind that makes you cringe and cry out, “What a waste!”) We were founded by “Junky Jacquie” Ottman, an expert and author on green marketing and “eco-innovation”.

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