Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Vermont Weather: First snow

The First SNOW of the Season

Awakened this morning by a new color, which brings out all those I thought lost from the early freezes of fall. Such a white light reflection ensued, cloudy yet so bright. It is as though the moonlight stayed out to play in the morning.  

Before stepping on sacred ground my mind raced to identify what I was seeing for the first time-again. Mary had a little lamb; her fleece was white as ____. The little slope is for ____ bunnies. Flakes of which no two are alike.

Falling in the middle of the night, it blanketed all my worries. After shaking the ___ globe, the swirling stopped, and all settled down still; however, the magical effect continued. More than ever, I want to dance in the ( )now, white fields, feeling the broom straw snapping and the wet coating under my feet as they melt the cold covering tickling my toes. Melting it makes for the most organic of all tea ingredients.  

My first ___ball of the year reminds me of the first baseball throw; all clumsy and errant, yet fun and exciting as firsts usually are. My ___shovel is scratching at the garage door, wanting so bad to come out and be my near best friend again, after being shut away for so long. Meanwhile the dogs scratch at the inside house door wanting to go out to mark their spot as the steaming yellow  is sure to stand out like a neon sign today.

If I could be as pure as that on the ground, I would roll in it naked just to be as innocent as a child would, once again. What cries, "come out and play" to a child more than the first ___ fall of the season? Upon impulse I licked a cone shaped stand of _____ nestled on a tree stump-it was nature's ice cream cone, my imagination providing all the flavors.

Awakening, even before opening the blinds, I knew something had changed; the calm quiet subdued all that was ill before now. Joined by one cover this morning, are we all; let no one disrupt the unity we feel. I search for footprints; what critter friends are active? Moreover, what will they think of my Big-Foot prints? The deer of course, will not be gleeful.

Ours is extra special as it brings around rhymes and stories from Robert Frost, swishing sounds of sleigh rides and cross-country skis, snowshoes, and Christmas cheer, though Thanksgiving has yet to appear. Nothing near could man create, such beauty man should not berate. Remember the first time seeing your love, remember your first ___; now see them both again for the first time.

Bernie & Frosty the snowman

Never does our community look as clean as after the first snowfall. Let us remember do not soil her with litter and pick up whatever trash we see pocketed in her beautiful fleece.