Thursday, February 21, 2013

Green Up Day-Vermont 2013 Poster design and writing contest winners.

2013 Green Up Poster Design and Writing Contest winners!

Congratulations to Aurora Brush, Grade 10, Montpelier High School, whose artwork was chosen to be the official poster for Green Up Day 2013!

Her art teacher is Barbara Austin-Hutchins. Congratulations Barbara!

Congratulations to Fin Richards, Grade 4, Stowe Elementary School, whose writing entry was chosen to as the 2013 Writing Contest winner! Here is Fin's winning poem:

Green Up Today!

It is a fine and peaceful day in the Green Mountains,
Wind blowing, trees rustling, rivers flowing gently
Into water falls.
“What could possibly be wrong?”says the tree to the river.
“I am clogged with trash,”babbled the river to the tree.
But the tree bent and swayed,
Whispering, “It’s Green Up Day…
They’ll come right now.”
The river sighed and sparkled on.
And once again in the Green Mountains the wind blew,
The trees rustled, and the rivers flowed gently
into the water falls.

My thoughts: Poster-peaceful relaxing calm. Poem-Eloquent, speaks of optimism, faith.
Here are the grade category winners:
Rainbow poster is Isabella Sepulveda-Muniz, grade 2, Blue Mt. Union School
Charlotte Brace is the cow, grade 8, Main Street School
Sunrise is Ally Puffer, Grade 12, Blue Mt. Union School.


An honorable mention goes out to:

 Bradley Myers
Mount Anthony Union High School, Grade 11

Here is Bradley's poem:

What Green Up Means to Me
Green Up means keeping our state nice and clean,

Keeping the litter off the ground and the grass green,

And plastic off the ground and trash out of the lakes and streams.

Green Up means keeping the fields, roads, and woods garbage free,

It means using less paper and planting a new tree,

And creating less pollution and making it safer for the birds and the bees.

Green Up means recycling and working together as a team,

In order to keep our environment ecofriendly safe and green

It means keeping plastic out of our landfill,

And polluting less so we can bring back those Vermont winter chills

Green Up means using our resources and not allowing them to go to waste,

So let’s work together as a team and not make haste.

Let’s go out there and clean up and make this state right,

We will make the state spotless, even if it means working all night.

Credit: Poster images from Green Up Vermont org.

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Green Up Vermont is a nonprofit organization with 501(c) (3) status. Green Up's mission is to promote the stewardship of our state's natural landscape and waterways and the livability of our communities by involving people in Green Up Day and raising public awareness about the benefits of a litter-free environment.

Green Up Day, observed on the first Saturday of May, is a state wide effort in the US state of Vermont to clean up roadside trash. The first Green Up Day was April 18, 1970 and was started by Governor Deane C. Davis.  In 1979, Green Up became a non-profit organization.

Photos of South Burlington's 2012 Green Up Day:

Preparation for Green Up Day:


  1. Kids seem to understand this stuff better than the adults. Let's hope they always feel this way.

  2. your poster is great. The well aligned design i like it.