Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Bernie Sanders Bernie4President photos

Bernie Sanders announces run for president. Photos @Burlington, Vermont

 Waterfront Park

Images of Bernie supporters feel the Bern!


Bernie Sanders shines light on middle class families.

A photo tour from 4pm to 7pm

 Take a walk down the boardwalk to see a few of the folks who came to listen to Bernie.

We admired each others shirts. Mine was 92 but red.

Bernie announces his 2016 presidential bid amid Ben & Jerry's Ice cream. 

Any flavor as long as it's Ben & Jerry's!

Bill McKibben

Some of the press

I want to see the next president.

Hey, where's my button?

Bernie Sanders - shining light on middle class families.

Grass roots campaign

Jan 2016 update: A different kind of political ad from a different kind of politician. They've all come together to look for America. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2nwRiuh1Cug (America ad put focus on voters.)

Bernie's campaign video ads:

Bernie Sanders: Non-partisan politics, populist, trustworthy, authentic, non-wavering,

This Land is Your Land: A Tribute to Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders On The Issues.

The Great Divide Clinton, Sanders, and the future of the Democratic Party. Excerpt: "But Sanders seems far more interested in affecting policy than in taking advantage of Clinton’s scandals. “Sanders is speaking to a rising generation who want both a better and more responsible capitalism and a better and more ethical politics,” Simon Rosenberg said." 

Nordic Systems help the whole and the individuals.

The Seven Habits of Depolarizing People

Economist, others defend Sanders 'Stimulus' plan as realistic

"The Nation" endorses Bernie Sanders for President.

How Bernie pays for his proposals.

Killer Mike - Talking Shop with Bernie Sanders

Family/home life: Bernie does his own laundry and grocery shopping. 

Bernie on The Nightly Show 

Dissecting Paul Krugman’s Bernie backlash: Being a Sanders skeptic doesn’t make you a hack (Excerpt: The tension that can arise between those who differ on strategy but share the same goals, broadly conceived, is often productive.)