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Halloween Bike Ride Photos, Burlington, Vermont 2013.

~200 Photos of-Fourth annual Burlington Halloween Bike Ride; Shared Streets not Scared Streets. Ghosts, Goblins, & all bikers welcome.

Fourth  ~Burlington, Vermont ~ Annual  

 Halloween Ride  

2013 event photos

You sure did!

                                                     WPTZ Channel 5 on the scene as big wheels keep on turning.

                                                Mr. Ed shows off his voice box.

                                             And they came from as far as Russia.

                                                      Just a couple of gals out having some fun.

           So what's the buzz about turn number 4? This a fast track or what?

                                                     To better to hear you with....



                                                    Ok what's the hold up? Let's get this show on the road.

                                                               Ringing the bell-
                                                               Gentlemen and Gentlewomen,
                                                              START YOUR ENGINES.

                                           Cool day WARMED by lots of smiles.

                                                    I may bike or I just might fly.

                                            Guardians on the alert - Thank You for traffic control.

What is the delay Dad?
Toll bridge up ahead.
Someone go back and get a boat load of dimes.

                                                 A match made in heaven? Maybe they are BOTH sisters.

                                                        The band leader without the band.

I'm guessing her name is IVY.

                                                     What are friends for...
                                                                    of course I would be glad to dye your hair too.

                                                 WE best not pass the guy with the red horns

                                                            Pouched pooch.

                                                      I need a skeleton key to disconnect.

No backseat driver here.

No bones about it. this is going to be fun.

Time to get the wheels a turning.

                                                         The Mayor spells community with a smile.

 Alleluia Sister.

Somebody didn't see the SLOW sign.

                                           Folks even came out to sing for us- how cool is that?

                                              No worries, this is the good witch of the North East.

                                             Church Street and Community- great matchup.

                                                    Candy handoff. Hope you brought enough for all 300 of us :).

                                             We'll cook him up on the grill once we get to Maglianero's

                                                                Now this is my kind of bike lane.

                                                              Smile your on Clown Camera.

                                                             Butterflies are like winged flowers.

Ma, don't look now but there's a mouse right behind us.

Red White and Blue

                                                                              Cookie Monster's Cousin.

Is this the finish line? Did I win?

                                                      Typical Vermont bike riding attire for fall.

Music box in the crate, playing Who YA going to call- Ghost Busters.
                                                       We was rocking on our bikes, let me tell ya.

                                                           Honest officer, I was only doing 5 mph.

Wizards come to BTV.

                                                  Lots of color left in Burlington in October.

Who's watching who?

Oops, the trailer just passed the trailee.

Pig roast at the end of the run-
  Hey man-What you talking about?

You sure we are not going in circles?

Ok, all us bald guys are seriously jealous.

Cookie Monster got nothing on you.

Super heroes abound in BTV

                                              I wish there was a heater in this box.
                                                Sorry we spent all our funds on the GOLD outfit.

                                                         Gee, Can't I steer for a while?

Lake Champlain fare?

Carrot top?

Oh the tangled web we weave.

                                                             Yup, I'm an astronaut. Heading to Mars.

You nailed it.

                                                                  Gotta love all the smiles and laughter.

He won't stop and ask for directions, you know.

Wow you sure get around- how did you get here so fast?

Big (and little) wheels keep on turning, turning...


Oops, I think we lost Leroy.

Well at least it's not Duct Tape.

Mrs. Captain America.

Shared Street, not Scared Streets.

                                                  Friar Tuck, glad to have you aboard.

Hey Florida, check out our ORANGE.

Ma, we got company! Better bake more cookies.

We are blessed to have Vermont Communities so very supportive of bicycling.

Honest officer, its only a bail of straw.

The Photo taker. Next time I will dress me and my bike warmer- I nearly froze my bones!

THANK YOU BPD officers who helped insure we all had and have a safe environment to ride in.

COMMENTS about the 2013 BTV Halloween Bike Ride photos (or the event) are welcomed. 

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