Sunday, April 17, 2016

Awasiwi Trail, SBFiN #5 Walk photos


South Burlington Families in Nature                             Awasiwi Trail, Walk #5, Report & Photos

Sunday April 17, 2016 

Note: Text and captions will not display if you view in slide show mode. 

Great to see nine of the guests arrived by bicycle. 

  • Location: Awasiwi Trail
  • Weather conditions: Temperature 65-69 degrees, sunny. Winds NW19 mph.  
  • Duration: 2.5 hours (11:00 to 1:30)
  • 11 Guests: Fritz & Bridget  & children ages 2, 6. Clare, Nic & children ages 3,5. Andy & child age 5. Betty.
  • Birds: We observed a Downy woodpecker, Chickadees, Robin, Mourning Dove.  
  • Vernal pools: We  viewed vernal pool. Click link for definition. 
  • Old car -The very old car on the side of the trail still has a working horn - sort of.  Perhaps its owner still walks this trail.
  • The mystery (conjoined dual species of trees) is still somewhat of a mystery or oddity, or in our minds, a special sighting. See in photos below. Again on this walk, nice observation by one young man noting that they are not only joined at the hip, but also are two different species. 
  • We played the nature game, Listen for sounds you cannot hear. (Like spiders making webs).
  • We collected what didn't belong there (litter along the trail).
  • There was more to observe than there was time!

Little bit of recess (to limber up ) before we head out on the trail.

                                                Unstructured play

Fishing some litter out of
the vernal pool.

                                           Examining the ancient Scouring Rush

Well chewed on pine-cone.

                                          Children's Mantra: Ye shall pass no hill un-climbed. 

Listen to what you can't hear.
The old car's horn for example.

Downy Woodpecker

Citizen Scientist

Troll bridge. We placed our offerings in the
Troll cache so we could safely
cross the bridge.

Our special magic tree

We named this "Snout-Weasel"

Jiminy Cricket says,
You all come back, ya hear.

                                          Nature explodes in beauty, diversity, and extravagance in spring. Get out for a nature walk and observe the many splendid sights, and sounds she has to offer. Your sensory appetite will be rewarded. 

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SBFiN Mission
 Connect children and their families to nature and to each other through time spent walking along SB natural area trails, observing and learning, outdoors. ~Bernie Paquette, Executive Director of SBFiN

SBFiN Program description 
South Burlington Families in Nature offers Community Outreach walks 2x per month from spring through fall.  The goal of our Community Outreach Program is to introduce families to SB natural areas through guided walks, and nature observations.