Thursday, January 10, 2013

Clean City: It Wasn't the Flu shot that made me sick. Litter

It wasn't the Flu shot that made me sick.

 It was not the flu shot which made me sick. I became ill on the walk to the doctor's office where I was going to get a flu shot. I became even more ill after the flu shot on my walk back to my home.

The total round trip distance I walked is 4.5 miles, along a portion of Patchin road, Williston Rd., Dorset St., Kennedy Drive and Hinesburg Rd. in South Burlington. 

 What made me sick was the Littered trash

 that I viewed along the sidewalk, roadway, and in front of retail stores along my short journey.

 Sick to think of how much littered trash there is on top of the snow, never mind how much Litter lies buried beneath the snow.

                             Collage of my journey

Below are photos of about 1/3 of the total pieces of litter along my journey today, Jan 10, 2013.

This first set of photos are of litter on Patchin Road from Kirby/Patchin to White Street/Patchin road.



  Came across three of these.
  Glad BFP is moving towards online subscrptions.

                How much litter ends up in our watershed?
               How much micro plastics end up in our fish?

                                                                Treasure Trash

                                   Go Litter Picking, you might strike Gold.

This next set of photos are of litter on White St. and Williston Rd to Dorset St. Intersection.


finally some GOOD LITTER: Leaf Litter.

                                     Snow has hidden most of the good (leaf) litter,

 However people litter is not only buried underneath the snow; ugly litter is also piling up on top of the beautiful snow.

                  What do you think S.B. and Btv residents?
                Is it right to drink cofee and other drinks
                   in a single use cup?

No joy in seeing this.
Not to mention that this single use
will be around for a very long time.

 Tread Lightly on our planet for she is the only one we have to live on.
It takes little energy to dispose of trash properly.

                                    That's no Bull.

 Tobacco users we respect your decision to chew or smoke, please repect our environment and dispose of tobacco products and packaging properly. Thank You


 Retailers and other businesses on Williston Rd. - Lots of traffic equates to lots of buisness-that is a good thing...

 However, lots of traffic often brings much litter, that is not so good.
Fortunately we know one cure. Please maintain a litter free store-front, sidewalk, green space and road frontage daily. Your customers will thank you.

Customers and all citizens, and visitors will enjoy our shopping area so much more if it is kept clean!

                        DOES NOT MAKE


 Butter-fingers must be the reason
for dropping this trash on the ground.

 And this was only a small sampling of littered trash in front of businesses on the short section of Williston Road I traversed today.

                                      Let's hope Mother Nature's bill
                                        for all the harmful littered trash
                                          does not break the food bank.

Now turning the corner to Dorset street
      Will our City Center be Green and Clean?
          Will there be trash containers in high traffic areas?
           Will there be tobacco product trash receptacles?
              Will businesses implement frequent clean ups?

      Will we all do our part
                                to make a big problem smaller?
Pick up one piece of litter. Dispose of it properly.
 Be aware of how you feel when you do that.

        Not exactly the brand image of Vermont we expect is it.

                                                           High traffic area.
                         Good place for a public trash container.

 Nice art. However it would look
better somewhere besides on the ground.

 On to Kennedy drive. 

                                          Maybe this belongs to the whale tales 
                                further down the road...

                           One way to get active is to walk.
                                              Why not make the walk more
                                   interesting and beneficial?
                                Carry along a small grocery bag
                                and pick up litter while you walk. 

                                           It is not any more difficult than
                           chewing gum and walking at the same time.

                                 Remember, Litter is an All-Season Sport.
                                  Drop a piece, you lose a point.
                                Pick up a piece, you gain a point.

Littered trash- Just Bag it!

On the way home, along Hinesburg Road.

                                           Darn squirrels, always leaving
                                their nut (food) packaging on the ground.



How much litter ends up in our watershed?
  How much micro plastics end up in our fish?
   Plastics do not decompose, instead they
      Photo degrade-break down into very small pieces

Some litter could be prevented
simply by insuring trash containers
are kept covered.


Ahh! Leaf Litter. A site for sore eyes.
Ironically we as a community (as a whole)
seem to put more energy into picking up
leaf litter and disposing of it then we do
picking up people litter
 (with the exception of on Green Up Day).

Leaf litter left on the ground will decompose and turn into
much needed soil, and micro nutrients.

People trash not so much. In fact, people trash is,
well to put it bluntly, TRASHING our watersheds, our oceans, and making for a not so healthy public environment in our towns/cities.

The Vermont 'Andes' are meant to be Green and Clean! 

                       Is this the legacy we will leave in our glaciers?

Premium coffee containers deserve
premium disposal.

As do other personified and global drink containers.

  So lets wrap this up with a 'red tag' sale.

                                                     Conveniently there was a red tag
                                         along my walk...

 Choose any item you wish

         Pick up one or more

  The more the better,
 however we apprciate every one you take.

          Its easier than, well, than chasing bulls.

         Litter picking only takes a short stop along your walk.

                               You get points for picking up each piece.

              And if you are tied up today, just pick another day.

There is lots of low hanging fruit (litter) to pick.

                            Pick up one piece of litter and dispose of it properly.
                                   Be aware of how you feel when you do that.

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