Monday, November 9, 2015

A November Blessing in Vermont.

       A November 

Oh sunshine, where do you go
       so quickly bestowed. 

     (A November blessing.)

         Do you languish
   for red roses, green leaves,
and the voices of amorous birds?

Has day light savings time
      run out for you
with no one to turn over
       the hourglass?

From the moment you arose
  frost melted, life dissipated
energy unbounded – broke free.

     Blue skies no longer cold
  bare limbs once barren, now
beacon light as your rays rush by.

    Mercury climbed the stairs
instead of slipping down the slide.

            Now you settle
           with golden grace
over calm waters behind serene 

     melting like hot butter
    leaving the sky-pan a glow.

Oh, sunshine where do you go
    so quickly bestowed 

   (upon another land?) 
(A late fall, early winter demise.)

    We yearn for your return
       as you fade away 

perhaps not to return until May.

Oh, sunshine where do you go
           with winter in tow?

                ~Bernie Paquette

Bernie publishes commentary and photos reflecting Vermont values of Green and Clean and Community.