Sunday, November 8, 2015

BTV photos - Attractive Fallen Trapped by Fencing.

Burlington, VT foliage photos. 

Attractive Fallen Trapped by Fencing. Funny Foliage. 

Planning an escape. 

Steady, Steady, Sturdy as an Oak.
Normally I don't like saws
but what I would give for a hack saw now

Leaf Ladder

Are you sure this is not an electric fence?

Come on folks - lets show them
what the Oak family can do.

Dying to get in. 

Are you sure it is greener on the other side?
Looks like everyone over there is dead

Quick while the guards aren't looking. 

We both make it or both die trying.

Hang on brother, we are almost there.

OK, I am stuck. Now what?

Not sure I want to go over the top - looks dangerous.

I new this was a bad idea. 

 O U C H ! 

Somehow I got my wires crossed.

Hey watch it buddy.
You're stepping on my toes.

You get caught with that grass,
you're going to do double time.

Go on without me Joe.
I ain't gonna make it.

I can't LEAVE you behind.
I am too brittle.
So long Mr. Maple, Good Luck. 

This bed sheet rope ain't long enough. 

I think I found an escape tunnel. 

For goodness sake,
don't tickle me while I am
doing the high wire act. 

Tried, Failed, left with the scars.

A few more inches, to freedom. 

One last kiss,
in case one of us
don't make it.

We are all rooting for you. 

Hurry, before they re-capture us
and turn us into compost.

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