Saturday, August 15, 2015

South Burlington CityFest 2015 Best Candid Photos_150th Anniversary of SB VT

South Burlington BEST Candid photos - CityFest, SB 150 anniversary celebration.

Veterans Memorial Park, SB VT

Best Candid Photos 
from CityFest 2015  

150th Anniversary of
South Burlington, VT

On August 15, 2015 South Burlington, VT turned 150. The South Burlington Rotary Club and the City of South Burlington partnered to create a city wide festival, CityFest, at Veterans Memorial Park on Dorset St. 

Provide green space, Vermont craft people and their products, tasty food, fun outdoor games, local music, and folks will come out to enjoy the Vermont tradition of community. 

Happy Birthday South Burlington!

South Burlington VT Photos

                             Linda Peck

Thank you SB Rotary Club, and the City of South Burlington employees for your time and expertise. Thank You to the following local businesses for their generous contributions towards CityFest 2015.
List of sponsors copied from The Other Paper

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