Thursday, February 12, 2015

Valentine's Day Love Letter - I Love Chocolate. South Burlington, Vermont

I love chocolate. There I said it. Truth be told I am addicted to sugar. I crave it constantly; seek its sweet savory, sensory, salutations eagerly. I am nearly a servant to the serpent’s tantalizing offerings as though there were no other fruit on the tree, no meal other than dessert.

Valentine’s Day chocolate gifting sheds a thin veil between caring for another and caring for oneself, at least in my case. If ever there were a temptation to obtain for my sweetheart that which I most certainly crave for myself – now is when I am most likely to succumb. Hershey’s kisses are nearly as tantalizing as the shared kisses I hope will follow.  

Hearts molded in umber, wrapped in frilly red foil and ribbons remind us that our beloved, need special recognition and caring, every day of the year. This is our once a year reminder; whom we love, we must cherish, not take for granted, not misuse or abuse, not neglect. Most importantly, we must never forget to show and communicate our love unselfishly.    

My dear wife would no doubt confess my kisses are not all wrapped neatly in shiny foil, tied with a delicate twist. My lips are not creamy, smooth, and altogether sweet. I am not premium, nor gourmet, and certainly no truffle.  Conversation hearts are my only romantic dialogue. 

Some say chocolate is the confection of choice on Valentine’s Day because of its aphrodisiac properties. I am no Robert Redford; I need all the help I can garnish. Yet, I only ask Cupid, winged angel of love, to dart me every so often with an infusion of compassion, heartfelt caring, empathy and understanding, listening and sharing-that says I love you Barbara. She deserves such a kiss every day.   

Flowers boast of my sweetheart’s beauty best. “After women, flowers are the most lovely thing God has given the world” ~Christian Dior. Beauty begets beauty. Bringing my wife flowers is to pay homage to the color of her eyes, those dreamy pools of tranquil cloudy waters with their compelling mysteries swimming about. Each petal represents her boundless willingness to provide comfort and joy to others and her exuberance in doing so. Through the green stems flow life, and vitality of a loving mother and wife. I planted hundreds of flower bulbs this fall-tulip, crocus, daffodils-purples, reds, yellows. They will remind me of beauty that runs deep, and that beauty requires nourishment, rest, and enrichment.

I love chocolate. I love my wife. I love where I live-not all in the same way, not at the same level all the time. It is up to me to remember to moderate how much I seek for myself in the name of love, and ensure I care for the woman I love-every day.

Wrap love sweetly on Valentine’s Day. Relish the savory mouth watering, heartwarming, happiness brought forth when you care for someone enough to know their needs and give of yourself.

 “Having a place to go - is home. Having someone to love – is family. Having both - is a blessing” ~Socrates.

Remember also, to love where you live. Care for your community by picking up any litter you see-every day. Our home is a shared earth worth keeping clean of littered trash.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Bernie publishes essays and photos reflecting Vermont values of Green and Clean and Community. He urges us all to pick up litter and maintain a litter free environment through caring, community, and contribution in order to protect our water, wildlife, and human health.