Thursday, February 12, 2015

South Burlington, Vermont nature trails - Wheeler Nature Park

Wheeler Nature Park photos, South Burlington, VT.

Invitation to Wheeler Nature Park, in SB VT. 

         See and read what I found.

 It was burr cold but I found remedy. Against a backdrop of white, I found vibrant color, new life-soft and curly, flowers, VT cotton and cradles. I found what the cats have lost, met Grandpa Wheeler, and sensed serenity.  Discovered a tree covered with a soup ingredient, and   viewed a framed trail. Discovered the pie in the sky was really winterberry pie. 

I even spotted a praying mantis on my winter snowshoe hike. I met a family of six, well rooted and straight as an arrow. The father's name was Mr. Budd. Have you seen the winter sunflowers and the genealogy tree there? Bring your young children; I am sure they will enjoy seeing Mr. Snuffleuupagus as much as I did. Do not fear the aliens from down under - that would be making a mountain out of the molehills.
View the photos below to see what I saw at Wheeler NaturePark. Go, see for yourself, and remember to Stop, Look, and Listen, as nature has much to offer.

The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera ~ Dorthea Lange

Biked from home to the park, 6.4 miles round trip.  

Distractions are counterfeits for our healthy need for engagement. ~Joseph Grenny

Time to traverse to visit nature. Click here for trails. 
Click here for additional park description. 

Distractions are also counterfeit for our healthy need for occasional solitude and observation of nature. ~Bernie Paquette

South Burlington, VT photos

     BuRR its cold outside- 
            Remove the burr's by dressing for the weather. 

 Splashes of color - vibrant against snow white background.

             Seeds remind me of new life awaiting their time.

                                                                Soft and curly. 

Save the Monarch Butterfly  - grow regional milkweed. 

                         Shy on color, yet still a beautiful flower.  

                                                          Vermont Cotton


                                                Winter Cradles

                                                       Lost Cat tails.
                           Cattails  bursting with downy feathers

                                                       Grandpa Wheeler Tree 


                      Lichen this tree on Nature's Facebook page.

                                                                     Gnarly crooked fingers

                                                            Framed trail

                                                    Winter pie 

                                                             Pie in the sky

                   Straw left over from the Christmas Manger. 

                                              Frosty Setting Sun

                                                       Praying Mantis

                             Straight as an arrow

                                                     A family of six 

                                                         Mr. Budd

                                                    Climbing the rope

                                                          Look out to your left
                                                         its going to get one of us 
   I can feel its breath on my neck. HELLLP

                                                           Winter Sunflowers 


                                                           Darkness meets light

   Follow the breadcrumbs and watch out for the wolf, 
           miss Little Red Ridinghood. 

         Carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders.



                                                  The Opening

                                    Reach for the sky partner
                                                           Genealogy Tree

                                                                  The Homestead 

                Who but is alone, knows not nature. 
~ Bernie Paquette 

                                         Mr. Snuffleupagus

                                                                     Don't look down

                                                     Mountains of Molehills
                                                      Aliens from down under

                                                                          Ski Moguls

           No matter which way the breeze carries you, Stop, Look, and Listen. 

Seek nature to find yourself ~ Bernie Paquette

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Bernie publishes essays and photos reflecting Vermont values of Green and Clean and Community. He urges us all to pick up litter and maintain a litter free environment through caring, community, and contribution in order to protect our water, wildlife, and human health. 
Bernie resides in SB, Vermont

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