Monday, February 9, 2015

Centennial Brook on snowshoe. South Burlington, VT

Centennial Brook photos, South Burlington, VT

Snowshoe hike took me along Centennial Brook  and woods in South Burlington, Vermont. Soon I came upon a Y and was at first undecided on which way to go from there.

 I looked at the Y from various angles and finally decided to

      follow the shadow. 

Of course sometimes I had to go either over or under or around. 

Other times I chased the sun. 

South Burlington, VT photos

                            Getting closer. 

                         Field Goal.

               Sometimes the sun tried to hide from me.

Which by the way, it was doing its best to
           offer up some hope that spring will come eventually. 

I didn't see any birds though, 
                       except for this petrified bird. 

Maybe the birds were holed up and peeking out at me the whole time.

Soon I became hungry, and fortunately found this to chew on. 
       Much obliged to the beaver who 
       took it down. 

I guess the birds found                   some chewy treats as well. 

Someone left a few trail markers, so 

 no chance I was going to get lost. 

                                                     Do not go past this point.

                                               Go straight up over that there hill. 

                                         Beware of snow sink hole. 

 The trail goes in many directions from here-you are on your own from here on out.

  All in all the woods and stream were graceful hosts.
       These lovely birch bowed politely as I came by.

The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera ~ Dorothea Lange

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