Monday, March 26, 2012

Pick Up Vermont: Why are Mountains Blue? b/c of litter

Litter Picking is an All Season Sport.

Why are our mountains blue? It is not because of lack of snow.

There is still snow on the mountains even if the snow in the valleys has been sparse all winter.

Unfortunately some of the snow in the valleys is fake snow.  

The mountains do not enjoy looking down at the artifical snow nor do they enjoy seeing their name littered across the valleys below them.

So, what can you do to help our mountains?

Walk in the Champlain Valley, 

 and remember it only takes-

a short stop
to pick up litter along the way.

The Green Mountains and the Champlain Valley below will be glad you did.

Litter is an All-Season Sport.Drop a piece of trash; you lose a point.
Pick up a piece of littered trash; you gain a point.

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