Friday, July 26, 2013

Vermont Flowers July 2013


 Prunus 'Evans Bali' Cherry Tree.
 We share with the birds.
After initial 2 weeks of harvesting the birds get the remainder.
Snowcone shaped

 The Queen pricked her finger.
See the blood drop in the center of the Queen Anne's Lace.
                                                     These balloon (flowers) are safe to release.
                                                        Blow up balloons go up then come down as litter.

 Buttercup, buttercup,
ohh how I love my cup of butter.
....Ray, a golden drop of sun... 
                                                 I am not coming out, I'm not.

                                                          OK, well maybe just a peek.

                                              WOW its gorgeous outside. Why didn't I get up earlier.

                                           Sunning my front side.

 Sound the trumpets.
Summer in Vermont
B E A U T I F U L.

 Even the potatoes are coming up flowers.

From Hostas...                                                                 
                                                                     to Hibiscus, the Hummingbird welcome mat is in place.
Violets are blue (or purple)
sugar is sweet
but flowers cant be beat.


Hope you enjoyed buzzing about our Vermont backyard.  See more VT backyard flower photo postings in the Table of Contents.

Y'all come back real soon!
                                                                       Map to Vermont.


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