Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Whale Tail in South Burlington, Vermont

                                        Could not believe I was seeing a Whale Tail along the trail in Williston VT.

                                         This Dragonfly brought me back down to Earth at least briefly.

                              As I continued meadow-larking along in the tall grass.....

The blazing sun and high temperatures steamed my glasses and blurred my vision. Yet I could feel a breeze as though someone or something was fanning me.

                   I asked this guy were all the action was. He just responded with some gurgling noises. Or maybe he said Gobble, Gobble. I told him not to get his feathers in a tail spin.

     Then I realized he wasn't even talking to me at all, only trying to get the attention of a nearby sweetheart.

Good thing I had my bike so I could catch up with the Turkey and pull a souvenir.

                                                                     He had plenty (of feathers) to spare.

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