Thursday, August 1, 2013

Vermont Flowers July 2013 part II.

                                                                                  I love me garden
                                                                                  t'is full of color
                                                                                  from spring to fall.

                                                                                  I tend to the flowers
                                                                                  from tender shoots
                                                                                  reach for the sky stalks
                                                                                  from giant pedals
                                                                                  to the smallest of perianth
                                                                                  I admire them one and all.


The finch is golden for summer it be


Look closely as the first petals unfold to yield a second set.



                                                                       Enjoy your calming outdoor gardens....




                                                   Then sit back with a cup
                                                   of home grown Hibiscus tea,
                                                   and a cup of gladiolas.