Thursday, May 5, 2016

Red Rocks Park, SBFiN #6 and #7 Walk photos

Early wildflowers, Red Rocks Park, South Burlington, VT. SBFiN Walk #6. Hosted by Bernie Paquette and Larry Kupferman. (4/30)

Page down for walk #7, also held at Red Rocks.
  • Location: Red Rocks Park, South Burlington VT
  • Weather conditions: Temperature high of 61 degrees, sunny.   
  • Duration: 2.0 hours (2:00 to 4:00)
  • 7 Guests: Kristen and child age 4, Lana and child age 5, Sarah & Trevor and child age 2.
  • Larry provided a narrative of the park history. 
  • The children discovered many, many alternatives to play ground equipment.

                         She was tapping away on her Fred Flintstones Cell Phone while we took a brief rest.

                                           Bouncy Log.

                                                      Nymphalis antiopa (Mourning Cloak)

A little housecleaning

                                                      Narrow bridge

                                                                  Queen of the mountain

                                   One small step for you maybe.


  • Walk #7, May 14, 2016
  • Location: Red Rocks Park, South Burlington VT
  • Weather conditions: Temperature 69 degrees, partly cloudy.   
  • Duration: 2.0 hours (1:00 to 3:00)
  • Hosts: Larry Kuperfman, Maggie Leugers, and Bernie.
  • Guest: Clare

Wild Columbine?

Downy Yellow Violet

Common names:
Uvularia grandiflora

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SBFiN Mission
 Connect children and their families to nature and to each other through time spent walking along SB natural area trails, observing and learning, outdoors. ~Bernie Paquette, Executive Director of SBFiN

SBFiN Program description 
South Burlington Families in Nature offers Community Outreach walks 2x per month from spring through fall.  The goal of our Community Outreach Program is to introduce families to SB natural areas through guided walks, and nature observations.