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SBFiN WALK SCHEDULE - South Burlington Families in Nature Program


Explore, observe, relate, 
for that is what being human is all about.
Initiated March 2016 
By Bernie Paquette 

2016 SBFiN Walk Record

Completed walk photos and reviews:

We believe in letting the world know we've done some pretty cool walks. Every walk has its' own story to tell. Click below for text & photos of  completed walk review.

6/26 Wheeler Park Walk #12 
6/15 Wheeler Bird walk with Walt Poleman
6/12 Muddy Brook Nature Trail Photos&Story Walk #10
5/28 Woodside Natural Area-Rte 15 Walk #9 
5/21 Wheeler Nature Park  Walk #8 
5/14 Red Rocks Wildflowers Walk #7 
4/30 Red Rocks Walk #6
4/17 Awasiwi Trail Walk #5
4/9 Awasiwi Trail Walk #4 (located behind SBHS)
3/27 Underwood Walk #2, #3(Easter walk. Includes a tale from Mrs. E. Bunny)
3/12 Wheeler Walk #1

Note: SB Parks & Rec Dept has sanctioned *walks at SB Parks, and is a partner of SBFiN, providing laminated trail maps, and communicates walk dates to the SB residents. 
Winooski Valley Park District has sanctioned SBFiN lead *walks on WVPD natural areas.

Comments from guests
"I don't think I've been on too many hikes with a leader as totally involved with the group as you were. Your enthusiasm is tremendous, along with your entire general demeanor while leading the group. Also, I'm very impressed with the quality of the images you took with that little Canon. I need somehow to take some lessons from you." ~Don M. Ph.D. 

Thank You Bernie for a wonderful walk. We loved the chance to explore South Burlington [Awasiwi Trail] and get to know our neighbors. For those of you who haven't taken part in Bernie's wonderful project, I highly recommend it!  
~Bridget Burkhardt

Note: We will make improvements based on your comments.
Each walk offers lessons and thoughts on elements I might improve on. However, no walk will go according to a pre-planned conception of how it 'should' go, nor would I want it to. Nature tells us to expect the unexpected; that is part of her beauty. Why should we expect any different of ourselves as guests in her wonderland. ~Bernie 

INDEX - Page down for:
  • Introduction, Mission, Description, and benefits of the program.
  • MAP of all the park locations
  • Outing protocols (including what to bring on walks)
  • Nature Resources for families (Book titles & links to nature sites)
  • Photo (links) of the SB natural areas taken in different seasons.
  • Volunteer Hosts and program director. (Names and if photo if avail.)
  • Outing theme options (bird or butterfly viewing, tree identification ect.)
  • Nature verbs and adjectives. (Do you remember any of these from your childhood?)
  • Bernie's Nature Slogans 
  • Donation materials graciously accepted
  • Ways you can help support the program through 'create and innovate'.
  • Program operation guidelines. (incl Goals, Strategies, Objectives).

Volunteers are the Heart and lifeblood of SBFiN. 



SB Families in Nature

What if parents, grandparents, and kids around South Burlington could meet with other families for guided walks along SB natural areas?  What if this new form of social/nature networking were to spread among South Burlington Families? We would be well on our way to true cultural change. 

All we need do is invite them. 

 Connect children and their families to nature and to each other through time spent walking along SB natural area trails, exploring, observing, discovering, and learning, outdoors.

Program description 
South Burlington Families in Nature offers Community meetup walks 2x per month from spring through fall.  The goal of our Community Outreach Program is to introduce families to SB natural areas through guided walks, and  nature observations

·       Introduction to SB Open Space Natural area(s)

·       Nature observations

·      Community members meet up

A few key benefits
The Families in Nature approach can break down key barriers to accessing nature and neighbors, including: 
  • Learning through the interaction between a child and the environment.
  • Opportunity to meet other SB families.
  • There is the motivation factor—it’s much more likely you and your family are going to show up at a park on Saturday morning if you know there’s another family waiting for you.
  • It is free. 
  • "Stress reduction, greater physical health, a deeper sense of spirit, more creativity, a sense of play, even a safer life-these are the rewards that await a family when it invites more nature into children's lives." The Last Woods, by Richard Louv
  • Develops hyper-awareness, self confidence; nature informs all the senses.

Map image used with permission from SB Rec&Parks, Maggie Leugers, 3/22/2016.

Awasiwi Trail 
Wheeler Natural Area Trails

Outing Protocols
        1.    Guests are encouraged to bring any of the following
           1. Cell phone
           2. Bug spray
           3. Camera 
           4. Notepad, Pens
           5. Water, Snacks 
           6. Nature notebook and pen/pencil)
           7. Walking stick or pole(s)
           8. Bike to the open space area 
           9. Binoculars 
         10. Footwear appropriate for ground and weather conditions (including wet and muddy, slippery, icy, and any other).
          11. Whistle
          12. Magnifying glass
          13. Hand cleaner
          14. Gloves
          15. Band aid
          16. Bug box
          17. Baseball cap, or winter hat. 
          18. BE TICK SMARTRepel, Inspect, Remove  
    2.   Hosts are encouraged to bring:
           1. Cell phone
           2. Bug spray 
           3. Camera
           4. Notepad, pen
           5. Water, snack - optional
           6. Park map
           7. Walking stick or pole(s)
           8. Binoculars 
           9. Printed history of park.
      10. Prepare in advance, a list of special observations such as very old trees, prime examples of specific types of trees, unique natural sightings etc. 
          11. Tick awareness cards.
          12. Guide cards or pamphlets: Animal tracks, bird, flower, plant.                                                                        

  Resources for Families: Books

  • VITAMIN N (500 ideas to bring parents back into nature)
  • Books that inspire outdoor adventure: Island of the Blue Dolphins, Julie of the Wolves, Tom Sawyer, The Jungle Book, and The Curious Garden. 
  • Books to inspire adults: The Thunder Tree, What the Robin Knows, Desert Solitaire, and Rachel Carson's The Sense of Wonder.  
  • National Parks for Kids (Book recommendations)

  • Crow's Path Mission: To use a relationship-centered approach to promote, foster, create and support direct, hands-on opportunities for people of all ages to reconnect to the natural world; and in doing so, foster a multi-generational community in the Chittenden County dedicated to building relationships to human and more than human ecosystems.
  • BTV natural areas
Arthur Park Wetland.
Arms Grant - adjoining Rock Point
Crescent Woods
Ethan Allen Park
Mckenzie Farm (Part of Intervale)

  • PHOTOS of SB Open Space - Nature Parks. 

Underwood Natural Area (Oct - Foliage, Scenic, Northern Harrier)
Underwood Natural Area (Turkeys, foliage, scenic, flowers, milkweed seed pods)
Underwood Park  (Feb.)

Awasiwi Trail -along Potash Brook in Feb. Entrance behind SB HS

Red Rocks Park (October & March)
National Trails Day: Red Rocks Park

Dumont Park (October Tour) 

Muddy Brook Wetland Reserve Located on Van Sicklen Road. (Nov tour)

Muddy Brook Natural Area Located on Poor Farm Road, behind the BTV Airport. (March)

Muddy Brook Natural Area (end of Sept) Foliage, 

UVM Friday Field Walk, Carse Wetlands
Directors, background, and photo
  • Executive Director: Bernie Paquette
  • Board Director: Open position - page down for info
  • Board Director: Open position - page down for info

ABOUT ME (Executive Director)
Bernie: My soul age is closest to that of a twelve year old who likes to stop, look, and listen to nature in the backyard as well as public natural areas, bike paths, and woodlands. I enjoy writing, growing plants and trees, building fertile soil, reading, quiet water paddling, bicycling, bird watching, litter picking, hiking, snowshoeing, and Vermont's maple syrup, honey, McIntosh apples and an occasional Long Trail Ale.


Volunteer hosts:

Larry Kupferman.  SB resident. Larry is very familiar with Red Rocks park and its history.

    Betty Milizia. (Photo unavailable) Betty is the utmost advocate of Wheeler park and knows the area like the back of her hand. 

 Strategic Objectives: 
Walk THEMES - themed experiences.

1. College or Univ. partnership                                             
2.   First Aid and CPR certification for all hosts
3.    Maple Sugaring event
4.  Plant identification walk
5.   Bird identification walk   - Field guides (books or pamphlets)
6.    Show & Tell (particularly applicable to Easter). Children & Parents hunt for a unique nature element; show the observed nature element to the group, identify it and discuss what the group thinks about the find. (TY to Sean at UVM for the suggestion)
7.   Tree identification walk
8.  Compass training
10.      Library committee partnership: Story time walk
11.      Scouting partnership
12.   Vote on coolest looking critter, bug, or bird seen on the walk. (Record all sightings)
13.    Astronomy night - VT Astronomy Society
14.Why get families outdoors…(write up and publish periodically….)
15.  Butterfly ID – capture and release (butterfly nets) 19 Amazing Caterpillar Transformations     
                        16.  Include Cairns-rock displays area near SB Bike Path
                         17. Ask children to write about their park walk – optionally send to me               to post on a public community web site.
         18 Dedicated section of trail and landing spot to discover the awesome power of SILENCE for INNER PEACE.
          19 CloudSpotting
          20.  Storytelling (Spoken)
          21.Exercise stations (Contact Chantal-potential exercise guide, and "Body Resolution". 
           22. Encourage a quiet time for a section of the trail; Stop, look, listen and smell behaviors. Lie down and look up at tree canopies, sky, clouds.Watch tall grasses sway in the wind. Listen and list the nature sounds. How many can the group identify?
           23. Flashlight (dusk) walks. Watch for firefly's, look at stars. Invite Astronomy Club members. 
          24. Tom C suggestion: Next year's Easter Sunday Underwood (field) walk: Offer [in walk announcement/invite] an Easter bunny service. Folks can BYOE (eggs) and an advance 'bunny team' could bring the trail to life with hidden festive treasure.
          25. Incorporate bike tour along bike path as part of the walk event.
          26. Ask all guests, to imagine they each are deer. No talking. Behave as a deer herd. See what happens. Who leads, and so on. 
          27. Visit UVM Plant Biology Dept, "UVM Pringle Herbarium", open to public by appointment only.  Contact Michael Sundue (met him at Art Gilman presentation of New Flora of Vt), assistant curator and research librarian. Or see the web site for other contact info.  
          28. Family Nature Bucket List
          29. Nature Game: Listen for sounds you cannot hear. (Sap rising, sunrise, a seed germinating, feathers...)
          30 Storytelling. Story-time Trail.  Incorporate VT Myths and stories legend, folklore, local stories, into walks.


   Nature Verbs and Adjectives

Remember when you were a child: Exploring, searching, dreaming, playing, (unstructured play), identifying, theorizing, imagining, comparing, adventure, tracking, gathering, discovering, creating stories, storytelling, measuring, keeping journals. Remember the acute sensations from hearing (listening), sighting, touching (holding), smelling, tasting. Like reading, nature stimulates the imagination and awakens the senses.

Why not experience this all again with your family. 

Experience the joy, excitement, and mystery nature has to offer right here in South Burlington.  

   Bernie's Nature Slogans

Stop, Look, & Listen; nature will astound you, and perhaps help you learn more about yourself.

Visit SB Natural Areas: No Tickets required.

Play, Explore, Connect with Nature Near You. 

Isn't it great to live in an age and a city with natural open spaces and no dinosaurs roaming about eating people like chicken-nuggets? ~Bernie

SBFiN: Visiting nature to strengthen family and community. 

"Before the Industrial Revolution, it was uncommon for clocks to have minute hands. Only a very select class could afford a private timepiece until the 20th century." Matt Hackett
We gained minutes, however we lost time. ~Bernie

Nature, its what's for breakfast for our souls!

Growing up with time and natural spaces.
Remember growing up with:  recess at school, and laying on the ground looking up at the clouds, and hiding in the tall grass, and building forts. It is all still possible for your kids and for you - together. 

Anne Dillard words come to mind "...explore the neighborhood, view the landscape, to discover at least where it is that we have been so strangely set down, if we can't learn why."

The fact of his free fall was like the old philosophical conundrum about the tree that falls in the forest. The answer must be, I think, that beauty and grace are performed whether or not we will or sense them. The least we can do is try to be there. 
~From Pilgrim at Tinker Creek by Anne Dillard

Every year a given tree creates absolutely from scratch ninety-nine percent of its living parts. Water lifting up tree trunks can climb one hundred and fifty feet an hour; in full summer a tree can, and does, heave a ton of water a day. A big elm in a single season might make as many as six million leaves, wholly intricate, without budging an inch; I couldn't make one. ~~From Pilgrim at Tinker Creek by Anne Dillard

Price is what you pay; value is what you get. Visit SB Natural areas; tickets are free, Value will surprise you.

Donations (Wish List)
   of the following items graciously accepted. 
      1.     Butterfly nets
2.    Whistles
3.    Magnifying glass's inexpensive child magnifiers, also some higher magnification hand lenses. See link (These can be attached to a lanyard - neck strap.)
4.  Open space / park history (Can be online links to existing docs.)
5.  Create a list of unique elements in one or more of the SB Open Space Natural Areas. (Can be links to existing  online documents. Can be anecdotal information including stories.)
6.  Field guides (bird, plants...)
7.  Laminated children's story pages (to post along trail)
9.  Create printed materials using SBFiN logo and slogans.
10. First Aid Kit. 

Ways you can help -
Create and Innovate for us
  1.     Single double sided laminated sheet of cool ___ park facts.
  2.     Design and create a SBFiN Passport. 
  3.     Laminated animal track identifier guide cards.
  4.     Awasiwi trail map
  5.      Identify flora, plants, insects, critters... of the photos of our observations.
  6.  6. Devise name-tags that are environmentally friendly and will stay attached to our guests clothes even in any weather conditions.
*South Burlington Rec & Parks (Maggie Leugers-Director, Holly Baker-Assistant Director.) 
  *South Burlington Community Members.  


Potential Sponsors: EMS manager is Eric Black store # 864-0473


      Program Milestones

General Operations
Goals (General statement about desired purpose):
  • Introduce families to SB natural areas through guided walks, and nature observations
  • Grow appreciation and use of South Burlington open space natural areas. "In the end, we will conserve only what we love, we will love only what we understand, and we will understand only what we are taught." ~Baba Dioum
  • Facilitate a better outdoor natural area experience.

Strategy (Approach to achieve goals):
  1.   Instill love of nature within South Burlington natural areas by    encouraging visits to the natural areas-guided walks as incentives.
  2.   Educate guests about our natural world.
  3.   Model a stop, look, and listen approach to nature.
  4.   Facilitate community member meet ups - introductions, get to know others from your community while visiting SB natural open spaces.
  5.  Encourage South Burlington to become the best Vermont city for families in nature. 
  6. Facilitate broad SB community individual participation in developing the program, volunteering to support the program, and participation in the walks. "I wish this program to be built on ideas, volunteering, and walk participation of many SB residents. Community synergy will help this program grow and continuously develop over time." ~Bernie

Objectives (measurable steps to achieve the strategy):
  1. Create an organization of (3) SB citizens (board of Directors) to create, direct, coordinate, and administer the SBFiN program. Overtime identify an advisory board, volunteer staff, and associate staff (SB rec). 
  2. Identify rules and guidelines for participants and hosts.
  3. Solicit / signup volunteers willing to act as hosts along SB natural areas one or more days during the season.
  4. Create a detailed guided walk program : Location, time, duration, ID hosts, talking points, key observations to point out, questions to ask regarding nature...
  5. Set and advertise guided walks.
  6. Determine what worked, what needs improvements, what folks liked, disliked. Monitor and record each walk with a goal of constant improvement.                  
   Director Pre-Walk Tasks
    1. Publish individual hosts background, city of residence, and photo. Identify (minimum of two) host volunteers for given outing.

      2. Before walk date, NOTIFY Maggie*, SB Parks & Rec dept. of the walk date, theme if any, and time and the announcement/walk invite template. (MS Word File-Walk Announcement Invite)
      3. Publish public invite Do not duplicate Maggies FPF posting (against FPF rules). 
      4. Insure (minimum of 2) hosts confirm  for particular walk 24 hrs in advance.
      5. Insure hosts have necessary sign up sheets, name tag/markers, laminated map of trails.

Community Notification of Scheduled Walk
  • *Maggie Leugers (SB R&P) will publish walk announcements , on SB Rec&Parks: websiteFB pageTwitter, and on all Front Page Forum districts.  


     Walk Checklist for Hosts. 
           (See MS Word file- for full Welcome Statements)

 SbFiN summarized greeting and protocol for walk.

1.   Greet individual guests as they arrive. Introduce yourself (your name) and tell them you are a trail host for today’s SBFiN (SB Families in Nature) walk. 

2.   Ask them to print their name(s) and email address (optional). The email address so that we can send them the walk report and notice of future walk events.

3.   List ages of anyone under 18. (So that we can keep track of how many children are attending the walks.)

4.   Five minutes before the scheduled walk start time, read the opening statement and walk protocol. 

5.   Hand out nametags for folks to put their first name on.

6. If there a number of children guests, consider having one of the host focus on addressing the children during the walk.  

- ---------------------------------------------

  Post walk Report: 
    Hosts to create a walk report indicating: 
   1. Location 
   2. Date, start and end time of walk
   3. Host names
   4. Guests names, and email address of each guest
   5. Ages of under 18 guests 
   6. Highlights of walk
   7. Comments from guests 
   8. Weather and trail conditions   
   9. Provide the completed post walk report to Bernie for publication. 

    * INVITE GUESTS to send their observations on what they saw and what they learned to Bernie.paquette (at symbol) and he will publish them.
    MS Word FORMS:
      1. Checklist for Hosts.  Greeting and SBFiN statement, protocol for walks.
       3. Welcome statement to guests 
      2. Post Walk Report 
      3. Guests Delighted? Questionaire - Pending creation.
      4. Talking points - bullet highlights of individual parks. (Ex. 200+ yr old Burr Oak at Wheeler park...) Pending

SBFiN Program Board Director 
 Volunteer Position Announcement

Seeking a nature loving, family and community oriented, and process thinker to organize, coordinate and motivate volunteer board dedicated to connecting children and their families to nature and to each other via their time spent on SBFiN walks along South Burlington natural area trails, exploring, observing, discovering and learning outdoors while promoting the goals, strategy, and objectives of SBFiN program, and insuring it’s sustainability.   
Candidate will have a passion for promoting South Burlington’s natural and human communities and the ability to inspire, organize and implement a variety of management, administrative, and get out into nature programs in collaboration with a volunteer board. Ability to work with diverse volunteers and program partners and the public. Experience in running a volunteer program a plus but not necessary. A successful candidate will have experience in outreach skills, knowledge of South Burlington’s Natural Areas; be highly organized in an independent work environment, and have experience with web communication tools, media outreach, and meeting facilitation. Part time position at approximately 8 hrs/month. There is no salary or monetary compensation for this position.

Please submit a cover letter and resume to [bernie.paquette(at sign) ] with SBFiN Program Director  Position in subject line. The position is open until filled.

  1. Create, Direct, Coordinate, and Administer the SBFiN Program on a sustainable basis.
  2. Organizational planning and decision making. Determine the programs strategic objectives and policies.
  3. Ensure the organization remains committed to its established mission.
  4. Monitor progress and effectiveness of program elements toward achieving the objectives and policies. 
  5. Solicit sufficient number of volunteers  (to act as walk hosts) to maintain program schedule.
  6. Inspire, and further support volunteer walk hosts. Walk Hosts are the lifeblood of this program. Treat them accordingly. Demonstrate you care about them, you can be trusted, and that you are committed to the success of the team.
  7. Foster a considerate, respectful and appreciative relationship with volunteers, staff, fellow directors, program partners, and consultants.
  8. Advocate/Promote the (success of the) SBFiN program and its sustainable future.
  9. Participate in SBFiN board meetings. Be Consensus oriented.
  10. Have regard to the impact of the walks on the community and the environment.
  11. Directors are appointed for and serve (as volunteers) for a term of six months.
  12. Publish records (summary) of SBFiN meetings, and walk events.
  13. Articulate SBFiN mission, accomplishments, and goals to the public and garner support from the community.
  14. Elect an executive Director. (List addl. resp.) 
  15. Provide instruction and training (either directly or indirectly) to walk hosts.
  16. Periodically back up Program this SBFiN posting on a MS Word file.
The job of the leader is to build a social system that executes flawlessly and innovates consistently. Joseph Grenny

Note: It’s far better to rely upon a broad base of community individuals and leaders who share a common set of values and feel personal ownership for the overall success of the organization. These responsible and empowered individuals will serve as much better watchdogs than any single, dominant leader or bureaucratic structure.

SBFiN walks are led by volunteer hosts. With their leadership, we can carry out our mission - to connect children and their families to each other and nature through time spent learning, playing and volunteering outdoors.

Attn Volunteers:  We can introduce you to the trails – that is all you will need, at the onset, to be a host. Mostly we need hosts to greet folks and walk along with them on the trails. Over time, my idea is to get training for the hosts but that will take time to develop. For starters, we only ask you to be familiar with the trails, and meet the guests with a smile. You will always be welcome to come as a guest to enjoy the walks without being a host. Bernie

List of folks interested in Volunteering as hosts (from MS WORD File)

(Note which park(s) the volunteer is familiar with)

  1. Betty Milizia:
  2. Mcnavin: Great Idea-would love to take part in the walks/tours.
  3. Margaret Palombo: I think this is a wonderful proposal. I would be very interested in participating. I’m not knowledgeable enough to guide.
  4. Monica Ostby: Would happily volunteer.
  5. Coleen Franz Christman: Let me know and I can tell the homeschooling group about it. There is a Hike it Baby chapter in SB that has been quite active in getting families out in nature. I am all for combining efforts! As the coordinator of the SB Family Center, I’d be happy to collaborate.
  6. Gwne Kjelleren: I think this is a great idea! If guiding others through Wheeler is what makes them aware and/or appreciate this beautiful resource-please do count me in! I wonder if this might be tied in with the VT. State Parks (ANR geocaching) or perhaps combining compass use with geocahing.
  7. Abby Crocker: Count me in!
  8. Lillian Reade: UVM (FNEP) Field Naturalist and Ecological Planning Programs: Field Walks.
  9.  Sean Beckett, UVM FNEP: We'd definitely be interested in working with SB nature walks if that gets rolling. If you're looking for a naturalist to lead a walk or two, we'd be a good bunch to solicit help from. Also, our Friday Field Walks are typically only during spring semester. Keep Sean posted on upcoming walks. Also, reach out to Sean at the beginning of August - to send notice to 1st year students (2yr masters program) of 'place based location field walks' guide opportunities.
  10.  SB REC DEPT personnel: availability TBD
  11. David Bailey, 6th grade SB teacher:I worked for many years as an interpretive naturalist/nature center director in Ohio and here in Vermont. While my weekend time is limited, this sounds like something I should make time for.  
  12. Janette Hasenecz, president Burlington Garden Club:Wed. or Th work best for me. 
  13. Leah Mital-Skiff, teacher in school of natural resources: I'm looking forward to looking at this [your] email in more detail, but feel free to add me to your list, and I'll help out as I can. My naturalist skills are a bit rusty, but plant ID is always fun. 
  14. Teage O'Connor, Executive Director Crow's Path, MA Field Naturalist (UVM '10): What a great idea! I'm super interested, but at this point I'm overcommitted with other teaching engagements for the spring and don't have time on weekends. ...Traveling this summer. Potentially in the fall I would be available to lead a walkI'd love to stay in the loop on the project in case my time becomes more flexible and open
  15. Martin LaLonde, State Legislator: Would be interested in participating once this legislative session is over.   
  16. Larry Kupferman, very familiar with Red Rocks Park:Would be glad to help out with future walks.
  17. Walt Poleman, UVM: Might lead a early morning (~7 am) bird walk after UVM semester is completed. Has lead Maple tapping and boiling of sap to make maple syrup from Wheeler Park.
  18. Brittany Alamassalkhi, (Hike it Baby, FB): Let me know when you are planning the next hike.
  19. Donald H. Miller, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, VT State Colleges, Consulting Field Biologist and Naturalist:We met at 68 acres (Woodside). Possibly interested in being a guide, or at least a guest on a walk.
  20. Emmett Hoskins. (Note from Maggie Leugers) I will have E.H. available this summer as our liaison for our VYCC Crews and will ask him.
  21. John Painter, SBHS Math dept. chair, Fellowship of the Wheel member. (Possible interest in participating in SBFiN) 

  22. Alicia Daniel, UVM Field Biologist May be interested in participating as time allows. (Besides UVM, also employed by BTV as field naturalist for BTV conservation lands.

  Public Announcement SBFiN seeking volunteers:   
  SBFiN Program description: South Burlington Families in Nature offers Community Outreach walks bi-monthly from spring through fall.  The goal of our Community Outreach Program is to introduce families to SB natural areas through guided walks, and nature observations
  Mission:  Connect children and their families to nature and to each other through time spent walking along SB natural area trails, learning, and volunteering outdoors. 
  SBFiN walks are led by volunteer hosts. With their leadership, we can carry out our mission - to connect children and their families to each other and nature through time spent learning, playing and volunteering outdoors. 
  Attn Volunteers:  We can introduce you to the trails – that is all you will need, at the onset, to be a trail host. Mostly we need hosts to greet folks and walk along with them on the trails. The main requirement is to be familiar with the trails, and meet the guests with a smile. You will always be welcome to come as a guest to enjoy the walks without being a guide.
  Please contact me at Bernie.paquette(at symbol) if you are interested in getting more info and or if you would like me to place your name on the list as a potential volunteer, willing to host at least one walk.
  Community volunteers are the LIFEBLOOD OF THIS PROGRAM. Please consider volunteering. It is a great way to meet up with other SB residents, and the natural areas offer many rewards.
  Isn't it great to live in an age and a city with natural open spaces and no dinosaurs roaming about eating people like chicken-nuggets?
 You can read more details on the newly updated SBFiN posting on my website @
 ~Bernie Paquette

(- From MSWord file

  Strategic Objectives contid:
  Partnership with schools
     1. Encourage learning science through field work
      2. Educate through questions. 
          -  Ask walk guests questions about area, plants, etc. Assist guests in                  finding the answers.
          -  Present data starting with questions that led to data.  
          - Are human interactions of 100+ years ago still impacting the area?
          - What shapes the landscape? (Pieces, patterns, processes.)
      3. Plant and animal inventory. (Fauna, insect, other natural community.)
      4. Quantify patterns
      5. Stewardship recommendations, and ongoing monitoring.
      6. Human history of the property.
      7. Present data to the public as questions followed by narratives

           Sections to read on the trails: Starting with pages: 
         8 The more I walk, 117-119, 112 (trees), 132 There are for instance..., I have often noticed..., 137 What I am down to..., 192 I felt rush of energy-didn't have to breathe for days..., 213 This is what I had come for..., 216 Is this where we live?... 218 Yes its tough...

Meeting Notes (Text in red indicates pending action.)

  1. (3/18/2016)Met at city hall (11-2)
  2. Attendees: Betty Miliza, Maggie Leugers, Helen Rhiele, Bernie Paquette
  3. Agenda: (A)Review my SBFiN proposal. (B) Seek further suggestions towards structure of the proposed program. (C) Determine types of contributions those in attendance might offer. (D) Establish partnership with SB Parks and Rec Dept. (E) Discuss possible Easter walk and Maple tap walk. (F) Announce I am now committed to moving forward with the program. Moved from proposal status to established yet in ongoing construct mode.
  4.  Recommendations from attendees added to the SBFiN proposal posting.
  5. Maggie offered and closed on a partnership of SB Parks and Rec dept with SBFiN. Definition of partnership: Notice on program proposal will ID the partnership. SBFiN directors will advise Maggie (SBP&R) of upcoming walks and any associated themes. 
  6. Maggie agreed to consult the SB city lawyer to determine if we need to screen volunteer hosts.

Directors notes - PENDING TO DO LIST
  1. Correlate a walk with the timing of the YCC (Youth Conservation Corps) trail work (installing water bars etc.) at Wheeler or other parks. 
  2. Sign up hosts for Future walks.
  3. Establish a few talking points/highlights for optional use by the hosts.
  4. Obtain tick preventative measures information to provide to guests.
  5. Solicit additional folks to commit to being a host on at least one walk during the time frame of May-Aug. (Suggest they list any preferred Sat calendar dates
  6. Reach out to (5) school PTO's for possible partnership.

Misc Notes

   From SB Park and Rec.
Maple Trees Tapped at Wheeler Nature Park: *CITY PERMIT REQUIRED
Dr. Walter Poleman and Students from GreenHouse Residential Learning Community at UVM will visit Wheeler Park to learn about the sugaring process. They visit the park in February to learn about the ecology of the forest, and then return in March to tap about 10 trees. Buckets will be hung and students will return every few days to collect the sap. Once boiling days are scheduled, we will let you know. This group welcomes residents from the local neighborhoods to help in the process.

    7.    Release forms (TBD) including “I have read, understand and agree to Expectations and Rules of SB Families in Nature.

        8.    Participant Information Sheet(TBD) Before heading out, write down full   names-participants and hosts, phone #, email (opt), allergies, and emergency contact not traveling with you- info.

        9.    Photo Release form? (TBD) (probably not necessary)

        10.    Liability release form (TBD)

        11.    Recommend specific web site references about nature benefits, book     references (for various ages), ….

        12.    Downloadable Forms  page 17
- ---------------------------------------------
    Welcome statements to our SBFiN Guests

  Welcome to SBFiN South Burlington Families in Nature. 

  Your hosts today are ___________ & ___________.

  Our mission is to connect children and their families to nature and to each other through time spent walking along SB natural area trails, learning, and volunteering outdoors.
  We will facilitate guided walks 2x per month from spring through fall. Our goal is to promote and facilitate nature observations.

  We ask that parents stay with their children at all times. Enjoy this time with your family watching them learn and explore.

  For the protection of our open spaces, please stay on the designated paths and trails.

  Please print your names and email addresses on the sign up sheet and list the ages of those under 18.

  Please print your first name on a nametag and wear the tag during our walk.

  We welcome, and encourage you to visit Bernie’s website to read walk summaries, and details on upcoming walks. Select the SBFiN tab at the top of his website.

  We also encourage you to share your story of your visit with us via email so that we can publish along with Bernie’s walk summary.

  THANK YOU each for joining us today.

A Walk in the Park
South Burlington Families in Nature
 Underwood Park Walk
Easter Sunday, March 27, 2016, 2 p.m. 
  The walk is sanctioned by our partner SB Rec & Parks department.

    Mud or winter boots recommended as most of the path is spongy and a few areas have pools of water. If forecast calls for rain between 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. the event will not be held.
    Park at Pinncacle and Nowland Farm Road.

    RSVP requested to Bernie.paquette(at symbol)

    If you like the Overview Park scenic view, you may like the Underwood scenic view even more as the Underwood Park is nearly adjacent to the Overview Park, however it sits at a higher elevation.

  Walk guidelines:
  1.   Stay with your child at all times. Enjoy this time with your family   watching them learn and explore.
  2.   Leave no trace.
  3.   For the protection of our open spaces, please stay on the    designated trails/paths.

  View photos of my scouting trip to Underwood park to get an idea of what we might observe and discuss. View @